WordPress Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals – 2020

Top Black Friday WordPress deals, it’s not just about the discount. We’re thinking about who’s on your holiday shopping list, and what you’ve got your eye on for yourself. This year, our picks for the best WordPress Black Friday deals of 2019 includes plugins, themes, hosting, services, courses, etc. Black Friday Deals PluginsThemesHostingServicesCourses Plugins 99robots […]

ThanksGiving and Black Friday Sale – Take 50% Off WordPress Plugins

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: family, food, and big-time savings. This year at DraftPress, we’re launching our biggest sale of the year. In fact, the last time we offered this much savings was back in 2017. Rather than making you wait until Black Friday when you’re busy with family and gorging on too […]

How to Connect Mailchimp to a Shopify Store

UPDATE – MARCH 2019: Recently, Mailchimp and Shopify had a bit of a breakup. Therefore, Mailchimp and Shopify integration is no longer possible. For more information, here’s the he said side (Mailchimp Statement) vs. the she said (Shopify Statement) side of the story.  MailChimp for Shopify automatically syncs the customer data to MailChimp, thereby enabling […]

How to Install Google Analytics on a Shopify Site

Google Analytics is a must-have digital marketing tool in the modern business suite, but most businesses have not yet made the best use of it. It allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more. One of the biggest challenges of an eCommerce […]

How to add Google Tag Manager in ClickFunnels

Google Tag Manager is a very handy tool to have installed on your site due to the ease at which codes for tracking pixels can be installed with it. The installation procedure can be pretty straight-forward but I have seen instances where it has been made out to be complicated. So here is a simple […]

Anatomy of a Google Expanded Text Ad + Ad Extensions

Are you advertising on Google Ads and wondering how the combination of expanded text ads and the many types of ad extensions will appear? You are not alone!  With the high number of tests and improvements being pushed out by Google for Google Ads, almost every advertiser is intrigued by this thought at some time, […]

How do PPC agencies charge?

Good Question! This is one of the questions that always comes up when a business is looking for expert management of their PPC campaigns. And it is only natural for it to figure in the list of things to know for the business. Is it the only ‘important’ question? No (I most certainly hope not […]

The Pros and Cons of Disqus vs. Native WordPress Comments

When you do a meaningful comment on any blog, people will click over to your site if they like what you are saying. People who read your content and comments on your blog-posts will have an impression of your site so it possible that they will read future posts. When people engage with you on […]