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At 99 Robots, building your fully-optimized Facebook Ads presence is just the beginning. Step on up. You are about to embark on a journey to build out your marketing presence from A-Z.

99 Robots is your Facebook growth engine for ROI-focused businesses

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We’ve generated over

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Our Facebook Ads Services

We are an agile Facebook Ads agency and can customize our relationship with you in several different ways


Facebook Ads Management

This is the most popular engagement that we have with our clients. This is where we are always building new campaigns and crafting customer journeys.


Facebook Ads Audit

Whether or not your Facebook Ads account is running the right type of campaign or not. We can provide you with that one push you need.


Facebook Ads Setup

Some clients can manage their accounts on their own, but they need help getting started. We can make sure that you head in the right direction with your Facebook Ads account.


Facebook Ads Consulting

Some clients have the boots on the ground already to manage all of their ads. However, they still need that extra positive influence. That’s where we come in with our consulting services.


Facebook Ads Revenue Share

This plan is reserved for extra-special clients that we see a high potential for.

What We Offer

The Facebook Ads Agency You Can Trust To Be A Full-Service Team

At 99 Robots, we are your extended marketing team with a technical twist. There are MANY Facebook Ads agencies out in the wild. So what is the right Facebook Ads agency to work with?
Both types need to know the ins and outs of Facebook Ads. But it takes being full-service to thrive with Facebook Ads. Why is that?

There is more to Facebook Ads than advertisers.

For example, at 99 Robots we have 25 specialists on the team. This team consists of…

We have the quantifiable proof of running successful Facebook Ads campaigns across many industries

We have the quantifiable proof of running successful Facebook Ads campaigns across many industries

Over the last decade, our team has built countless customer journeys.

We have consistently shattered revenue goals over and over again.

We offer the following Facebook Ads services that build your customer journey.

Our specialized teams work together to provide these deliverables:

A thorough analysis of industry competitors  

Offline conversion tracking

Ad creative creation & split testing

Engagement rate optimization

Ad creation and optimization

Ongoing campaign tracking and monitoring

Remarketing & retargeting campaigns

Personal Reporting

Audience research & discovery

Backend CRM integration & reporting

Geo bid adjustment & location-based ads

Sales-Level Tracking

Precise audience targeting

Lookalike audience combinations

Ad copy split testing

…and more!

As a full-service Facebook Ads agency, we build customer journeys from scratch. We seek to have a productive Facebook Ads partnership with you. 

We don’t want to just run your ads.

We would love to speak with you to learn about your business and how we can help!

Why Us?

Why 99 Robots For Facebook Ads?

Over the past decade, we have run hundreds of Facebook Ads accounts. We have gone through thousands of split tests. We can look back on this decade and say that we have learned a lot. Most of all, we have learned a lot about our clients.

We have found that there is a specific formula to a productive partnership. This productive partnership can blossom no matter what your goals are.

If your goal is to…

  • Generate leads
  • Sell a product or service
  • Build brand awareness
  • Build a funnel from A-Z
  • All of the above

…. Facebook Ads can work well. Whether your goals are accomplished in-house or with an agency, there needs to be knowledge. There needs to be execution.

What Is The 99 Robots Advantage?

At 99 Robots, we have a ready-to-go library of processes, experienced PPC analysts, copywriters, and graphic & video designers. Along with years of experience managing ads for all different types of Facebook clients.

Our Creativity

It takes a real brew of creativity, just the right media buying, and tactics to create Facebook Ads that connect with people and scale. The Facebook algorithm works for you when people respond to your ads.

Social Proof Is A Golden Opportunity For Validation

The best Facebook Ads agencies can connect with people that comment on ads, and can effectively nudge more people towards converting. Great comment management can make all the difference between purchases and nothing.

The Pursuit Of Greater ROI Never Stops

Great agencies are agile, evolving, and always creating. There is always something new just around the bend. The right agency can anticipate and act on what’s just around that bend.

A Real Talent Stack To Build Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

Copywriters, designers, photographers, videographers, analysts, media buyers…. The proper team is the proper package. Everyone needs to be extremely skilled at working with each other, as the best Facebook Ads are a symphony of talent. A Facebook Ads agency needs to build an entire customer journey from scratch. Not just the ads.

Time Is Money

A truly experienced Facebook Ads agency already knows how to write ads for many different audiences. They know how to stir a positive reaction. They know how to scale. Most of all, they know how to build long-term campaigns that don’t get banned. A true experience with Facebook Ads means understanding how to meander through different social networks and understanding their unique intricacies.

A Marriage Of Ad Platforms

It’s not just about Facebook anymore, but about Instagram too. Oh, and complemented with Google Search (visit our Google PPC Services page for more information). The most effective campaigns work in tandem across different mediums. Facebook and Instagram are the catalysts for it all, but without embracing other mediums along with them, there are lost opportunities.

Many businesses can win with Facebook Ads, no matter the industry or size:

  • eCommerce Businesses
  • SaaS Companies
  • Local Small Businesses
  • B2B Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • …anyone

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The Client Needs

Did You Know That Facebook Has An Advertising Audience Of 2.14 Billion?

Amazing, right?


With all this promise for success, many businesses haven’t reached their Facebook Ads potential. Honestly, most agencies aren’t able to take advantage of this potential audience.


We know many businesses that have struggled with Facebook Ads. Not all the reasons are the same. They come to us because they know the potential of Facebook Ads. The only problem is that they haven’t reached this potential audience.
  • Some people have worked with an agency
  • Others have tried Facebook Ads in-house

Both have come to us looking for help.

Here are some common outcomes of those that have given Facebook Ads the in-house try:

“We have tried Facebook Ads. We can’t get any traction at all.”
We have seen inconsistent success with Facebook Ads. There are a few good days, but many bad days.
We have grown our business a bit with Facebook Ads. However, we are missing the team. We don’t know how to build a team on our own.

And for those that have gone the Facebook Ads agency route:

We were just Client Number 10,000. Our agency was just going through the motions even if the results were okay. We never felt like we had anyone to talk to unless we received the monthly report or threatened to leave.
Our agency was giving us a lot of promises. Their intentions seemed good when they were selling to us. In reality, they failed to deliver. Boatloads of excuses. We felt locked-in, wishing we hadn’t signed into the long-term commitment.
We liked the results that our agency was giving us… at first. What changed for us was when we asked if they could write the ads. They said that they “don’t do that”. Well, that made us question things!

Our agency had no real personality. We felt like we could be working with anyone. Everything just felt so stale. They weren’t doing anything special for us.

The common thread for everyone that comes to us is…

“We don’t feel we have that skilled partner by our side who cares about us… They don’t seem personally invested in our success.”

Meta Business Partner

For Facebook Ads agencies, A Top Honor Is Being A “Meta Business Partner”. What Does That Mean?

Business Partners are agencies that have demonstrated long-term skill and expertise with Facebook Ads. They have met Facebook’s ad spend requirements, have delivered agency and client revenue growth, and can sustain their client base.

At 99 Robots, We Are A Meta Business Partner

At 99 Robots, we are a Meta Business Partner. We are proud of that distinction. That is quantitative proof that we do what we say.


What seems to get lost in the Facebook Ads agency world are the qualitative measures. These can’t be measured by mere numbers. Life isn’t just quantitative.

The quality of relationships can’t be measured, it needs to be felt. The focus at 99 Robots IS hitting the numbers. However, we place great importance on long-term relationships.

Our Priorities

What Are Our Priorities For This Productive Facebook Ads Partnership?



The priority in this partnership. Profitability is the foundation for everything else. It’s the bare minimum we set out to achieve. Everything else can’t be done without profit.



We are very easy to reach. You’ll know our names and we’ll know yours. Accessibility is the catalyst for all of the other good ideas that come to fruition. We are not just a vendor.



We know the audience exclusions to watch out for. Different industries require different approaches. Lookalike audiences should not take long to build because the anticipation is already there. If something goes wrong, the solution should be known immediately.



There is always something new just around the bend. When things come our way, we cannot be reactive. We need to anticipate trends, communicate, and execute them quickly.



There is a sea of competition running Facebook Ads. However, there isn’t a lot of creative competition. Creativity comes in many forms. We love creating new ad angles. We have the team to make it happen, from copywriters to designers.



There isn’t a ceiling for Facebook Ads. There isn’t a ceiling for our partnership, either. It does take a lot of effort to grow a Facebook Ads account sustainably. However, scaling things up is one of the most exciting parts of working together. There should always be something new to celebrate about.

Building Customer Journeys

The work doesn’t stop at the ad. There are still plenty of opportunities to crash and burn. Our team builds funnels. We map the entire customer journey from scratch. This is the big reason our team has web designers and web developers on staff.

Now that we have laid the qualities of a strong partnership on the table, you may be wondering…

What does it take to grow and scale a Facebook Ads account?

What are some of the Facebook Ads opportunities that typically excite us?

The best partnerships are the ones that scale and stand the test of time. That takes laying down a very specific foundation from Day One. So let’s get into the specifics about the growth opportunities…

Growth Opportunities With Us

Facebook Ads Growth Opportunities

The incredible growth opportunities that effective Facebook Ads agencies embrace:

Remarketing And Retargeting Are Everywhere. Properly Utilizing The Facebook Pixel Is The Tricky Part

Sometimes conversions don’t happen right away. There is a lot of lost potential in Facebook Ads when nothing is done to bring someone back after the first click.

After that first click, it can be hard to know what happens to that person if they don’t convert right away. Heck, sometimes it can be just as simple as they got distracted before making a decision. But either way, any unresolved click that isn’t retargeted is a wasted click.

Many remarketing strategies can work, from targeted ad copy to relevant display ads.

Remarketing helps people solidify decisions and get rid of any doubts. Keeping many specific remarketing lists will allow you to have the most specific command of your audience.

However good remarketing isn’t just about repeating your message over and over again. It’s about building out a sequence of persuasion. From the first intent-based search to the display ad that appears later, to that follow-up when someone searches for you again, there are many opportunities to reaffirm your message.

Finding New Audiences, Nurturing Current Ones, Plus Expanding To The International Sphere

Empathy is a skill. Not many agencies understand empathy as much as they should. To address this, some people on the 99 Robots team have backgrounds in psychology.

It takes a deep understanding of the human condition across cultures to build new audiences and nurture current ones.

For every campaign, we create ad sets that are uniquely tailored to specific audiences. International audiences are still a relatively untapped opportunity on Facebook. We take advantage of that fact.

With a global ad campaign, you can reach valuable users across the globe. The cost of ads on Facebook varies greatly depending on the country you are targeting. If you can work with an agency that can reach many different languages and cultures, all the better.

The growth opportunities lay in targeting more and more specific segments. As a Facebook Ads agency, we have done a lot of this work already.

Ads can be optimized based on when people last interacted with products.

At 99 Robots, our in-house team of copywriters and designers write ad copy and design ads that are impactful to people of many different cultures.

More Than Ever, It’s About The Ad Creative On Facebook

It’s becoming more difficult to reach specific audiences on Facebook. iOS 14 has been wreaking havoc on tracking. So more than ever, it takes scroll-stopping creative to make the difference. At 99 Robots, creative advertising is in our DNA. Everything is in-house, so you won’t have to look far for your ad images, copy, and video.

Writing Ads For Different Ad Angles Helps A LOT

Just because an ad doesn’t get a lot of engagement at first means failure. Just because the landing page doesn’t convert at first means failure. Heck no. It simply means that the ad angle is not quite right yet.

There are limitless ad angles to be tested. For an ad to be scroll-stopping on the newsfeed, it needs a precise angle. People behave differently. Ads and landing pages should be made to speak to individuals.

Creating new ad angles means experimenting with different words, different messages, and fresh images. Every product and service can come with hundreds of different messages and stories to tell. That’s why we have a database of different ad angles on file.

For Ads That Are Designed To Be Disruptive Dayparting Can Mean The Difference For Engagement

Do you notice how you respond to ads on your newsfeed is different depending on the time of the day? WHEN ads are broadcast it matters. People are in different “scrolling moods” depending on when they are browsing their newsfeeds.

Many audiences react differently to ads depending on the time of day. Dayparting campaigns can be especially effective on Instagram and Facebook.

While it will still take a lot of experimentation, we quickly test your ads so we know precisely when to show them. Do people make decisions in the day or the evening for your business? We’ll find out.

The Ultimate Relevance Score Brings Down Costs & Ensures Stable Accounts

Getting the Ultimate Relevance Score is not only about having lower costs. It’s about building a reputation with Facebook.

Each ad in each ad set is associated with a Relevance Score. Plus your overall account’s reputation is tracked. Every decision you make matters in the long term.

That means no shortcuts. Since people are only on Facebook and Instagram for fixed amounts of time, relevance is a priority. Finding relevance on Facebook is a different task than on Google. On Google, people search with intent. On Facebook, you need to articulate what people may not even know they are looking for yet.

There’s A Smart Way To A/B Test

Everyone seems to be A/B Testing. However, the system that runs these tests and the psychology behind them makes the difference.

To run A/B tests properly it takes…

  • Good timing
  • Pairing the right variables together
  • Analyzing statistical significance
  • Creativity

This is where producing hundreds of different ad angles comes in. A/B Testing is about making the Facebook Ads process scientific. A/B Testing is the way that great funnels get made.

Speaking of great funnels…

Facebook Ads Accounts Only Grow When Worthy Funnels Are Built Alongside Them

It’s not just ads that sell. It’s the customer journey. This is why at 99 Robots we have a team with a varied talent stack.

These people on the 99 Robots team work together to build the customer journey:

  • Graphic Designers Video
  • Designers/Editors
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Psychologists
  • Growth marketers
  • Copywriters

The use of the right language, colors, and layouts is what guides customers to the purchase. Knowing how to communicate with prospects once they click is how strong campaigns are made.

Bidding Needs To Be Smart Rather Than Full Of Uneducated Guesswork

The algorithm and the advertiser share an exceptionally close relationship on Facebook. “Estimated action rate” is an important piece of terminology on the platform. Facebook determines your “estimated action rates” by several different factors.

If their algorithm believes that the number of actions taken on your ad will be high, you’ll get a priority in the bidding war.

Our bidding strategies, whether we are lowering costs or targeting costs, are all based on our previous experiences. We are taking the guesswork out and using genuine strategies for bidding.

The Apple iOS 14 Has Changed The Game

Apple’s iOS 14 is impacting how Facebook can receive and process conversion events from tools like the Facebook Pixel. iOS 14 requires that all apps in the App Store show a prompt to its users on iOS devices. This is essentially asking users for permission for the app to track them outside the platform in different ways. So this spells doom for advertisers, right?

Well, not necessarily. At 99 Robots we have been a proactive Facebook Ads agency by upping our creative and retargeting game and not relying on Facebook’s attribution. Remember, the right agency always knows how to work its way around any obstacle that comes its way!

Table of Contents

Case Studies

Facebook Ads Case Studies

It’s one thing for us to keep talking & talking, but the proof is what matters. So here are some case studies that we are particularly proud of:

Scale 2x

The challenge we faced:

Scale 2x was looking to launch a lead generation campaign on Facebook and also needed to scale quickly. Specifically, they were looking to sell big-ticket items for about $10K per sale.

How we immediately took action:

We quickly launched and iterated the campaigns for this coaching/business accelerator, intending to get as many webinar registrations as possible. Big-ticket items need excellent funnels, so that was a focus of ours in this campaign.

The results we delivered:

We helped scale up lead generation as well as decreased their cost per acquisition.



At a of CPL $5-6 (targeting business owners already doing 6 figures per month)




Generated Webinar registrations and created cold and retargeting strategies which produced post-webinar sales

Scaled Ads Into



Scaled ads initially in the US to other potential countries and generated qualified applications from Europe, Australia, Canada, etc




Ads performance was targeted to be a minimum of 5X Return on Ad Spend

Sunny Lenarduzzi Logo

The challenge we faced:

We needed to initiate and manage lead gen and sales campaign for her mid-ticket and high ticket offers ($500-$4000). The challenge was also spending an ad budget of $50K/month on Facebook generating cold leads, sales, and appointments for her YouTube course and high-ticket coaching program.

How we immediately took action:

We launched multiple high to mid-ticket programs. We created ad assets, and ad copy and mapped out an entire launch strategy. Since the campaigns were already running, our actions were all based on optimization.

The results we delivered:

We optimized already running campaigns and brought down the CPL from $10 initially to $5 on average.


Monthly Revenue

$150K+ monthly revenue from sales via mid and big-ticket items


7500+ leads and webinar registrations are generated every month

Up To


Scaled Ad Budget
Scaled ad budget from spending $15K to $50K via multiple ad accounts



Min 4X ROAS on YouTube For Bosses Course

Our Facebook Ads Process

So How Does This Facebook Ads Partnership Work? It’s All In The Process

Phase 01

Diving Into The Deep Waters

  • Since many of our clients have existing Facebook Ads accounts, we start here.
  • We will audit your web presence AND Facebook Ads presence.
  • We will see what is working, and what isn’t working.
  • We’ll identify new opportunities, ideas, quick wins, and anything that’s missing.
  • We’ll look through all of your ad creatives, your targeting, and the overall health of your account.
  • We’ll analyze all of your current data and give it to you straight.

Phase 02

Getting The Nuts & Bolts Straightened Out

  • We will establish your business goals and devise a strategy.
  • Our seasoned digital strategists will work with you and your team to implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • We’ll set up other tools for campaign management, bid management, and competitive analysis.
  • We will send you all of the necessary tracking tags to install on your website. We will also help you install the Facebook Pixel, if not being used already.
  • We will also be going through all of the Key Performance Indicators that we will be using to keep track of the health of your Facebook Ads.
Icon of Charts

Phase 03

Customer Avatar Research & The Hunt For Audiences

  • We can ensure that you won’t receive speculative research.
  • The research for custom audiences will be experienced and accurate.
  • You won’t need to burn your ad dollars with the wrong audiences.
  • One asset that we have in our arsenal is our huge database of lookalike audiences.
  • We can accurately match what the ads should look like to the right audiences.
  • Our team will plan out different scenarios to map out different customer avatars.
Icon of Customers

Phase 04

What’s Up With Your Competition & The Pow Wow

  • What’s your competition doing? We’ll utilize the Facebook Ads Library (as well as our own proprietary ads library) to find out.
  • This is a great opportunity for us to share a pow-wow of where your business fits in your industry.
  • We will note the ad creative that is used in competitor ads.
  • We will examine the quality of their landing pages.
  • How are they telling their story in tandem with their ad creative?
  • This is also a time to set realistic and aspirational Facebook Ads goals based on your budget and business.
  • We create and stage all ad angles and creatives (after studying and analyzing the important physiographic data points of your audience).
  • We set up multi-variants of each angle, split test campaigns, and utilize all necessary Ad techniques to meet weekly milestones.
Icon of Charts

Phase 05

The Launch & Optimization Opportunities Emerge

  • Our team will begin to launch the campaigns in a phased approach.
  • We test out different combinations of audiences, combine them with the different ad creatives, and find winning combinations quickly.
  • We come up with the most suitable spend percentage for cold campaigns versus warm campaigns to maximize conversions.
Icon of Campaigns

Phase 06

Optimization, Continuous Testing & Reporting

  • We’ll analyze everything from engagement rates to CPM, to cost per action. During this optimization phase, keeping track of relevance scores will be significant.
  • We will make any necessary adjustments to landing pages, ads, and the overall customer experience to keep relevance scores high, and bids lower.
  • Although strategy and execution are crucial to client success, we feel the real deal is to optimize campaigns, micro-track and report conversions, and finally scale your ad budgets while maintaining a healthy ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).
  • We believe in over-communication and full transparency and that is why we are easy to reach via email and respond ASAP during business hours. Additionally, we create fully custom reports which include all data metrics important to your business and help you understand them.
Icon of Reports

We would love to speak with you to learn about your business & how it can rock with Facebook Ads.

Who Are We?

Who Is On Your Team?

The importance of accessibility in a client/agency partnership is important to success. We are not just vendors, but an extension of your team. Everyone is in-house. We all have daily communication with each other.  Everyone is in sync.  That’s what an agency is for!

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager will be specifically matched. We make sure we pair you with someone who gets you.

They’re the face of this Facebook Ads partnership. They live in your Facebook Ads account. 


Creative Copywriters & Advertisers

We write all of the ad copy! You don’t have to worry about the creative side at all. This is great when we want to expand and scale together. We also create all of the images (Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display) and videos (Facebook and YouTube). This can be the most important asset to your ads. Especially after iOS 14.

A-Z Sales Funnel Team

We build all of the landing pages and the customer journey from scratch. All of the landing pages are done in-house.

Graphic Designers

The customer journey needs to have a beautiful design that converts. This is why our in-house designers have an intimate familiarity with both web design and Facebook Ads. 


The customer journey needs to have the right functionality to work. Want a new way to collect leads? Want to build a remarketing sequence that is smart? We have the developers for that.

Everyone Is A Certified Facebook Ads Specialist

We take being a Meta Business Partner very seriously. Everyone on the 99 Robots team can help each other out and be in sync. It makes for a very nimble and adaptable team.

Sample Ads

Sample Facebook Ads

As mentioned, we write all the ad copy and make all the creatives (videos incur an extra fee) for all our Facebook PPC management plans. We are an ADVERTISING agency after all! So whether it’s short or long-form ad copy, single image, carousel, or video, the team at 99 Robots has you covered.

Here are some sample ads we have run for clients:






Everything We Do Is Focused On Driving Client Success. Here Are Some Client Testimonials:


“I don’t know how 99 Robots does it but they scaled my account within months. Something my internal marketing team couldn’t do. So I fired all of them.”

Dean H.

“I don’t know how 99 Robots does it but they scaled my account within months. Something my internal marketing team couldn’t do. So I fired all of them.”

Dean H.

Facebook Ads FAQ

Why Advertise On Facebook Ads?

There is no better place to capture the attention of people who aren’t aware of what they want or need yet. On Facebook & Instagram, there are endless possibilities for the audiences you can reach. There are just so many active users. So there is no better resource for being able to create a funnel from start to finish than Facebook Ads. It is that simple.

Are Ads Expensive On Facebook?

Yes and no. Unoptimized campaigns with low relevance scores and bad targeting are expensive. But optimized campaigns can be a very cost-effective way to advertise. This is especially the case if you are trailblazing a certain niche with highly relevant ad creatives.

Do Facebook Ads Work For My Type Of Business?

Not necessarily, but there are many types of businesses that are perfect for Facebook Ads. So make sure that you speak to us about that before. Facebook Ads especially work well if you are already building up a positive social media presence. Often, Facebook Ads work best when they are a part of a broader marketing funnel. 

What Should Be My Budget On Facebook Ads?

Facebook is great because you can be experimental on a small budget, and then scale when necessary. Of course, Facebook favors big spenders, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your feet wet. There is no particular magic number, but allocating about $5,000 per month is a great place to start. NOTE: This ad budget helps any agency or advertiser to test multiple audiences, creatives and campaigns provided that the offer is already converting.

Should I Do Facebook Ads Myself Or Hire An Agency?

You should work with an agency that has experience. A full-service Facebook Ads agency can do a lot that you may not be able to do on your own. For example, a qualified agency can be great at media buying and creating ads at the same time.

Are Facebook Ads Better Than Google Ads?

The purpose of Facebook Ads versus Google Ads is different, it’s not what is better or worse. Facebook Ads can be more accessible than Google Ads in terms of cost. Facebook Ads are also more effective than Google for brand awareness. Google Ads are more effective for intent-based search, however. Utilizing them both for their strengths is the best course of all!

What Targeting Method Works Best On Facebook Ads?

There are many potential audiences, locations, retargeting, placements, dayparting, and lookalike opportunities. In the end, knowing your audience and how they socialize on Facebook and Instagram will help with targeting. 

Should I Run Remarketing Ads On Facebook?

Absolutely. It takes longer for people to solidify their decisions than you think. Every person that clicks on your ad is living a unique experience where they are bound to make decisions for reasons that you don’t realize. Remarketing ads are the perfect opportunity for you to keep reintroducing yourself in unique ways. 

How Do I Protect My Brand On Facebook?

Have a strong social media presence before running your ads. You have the opportunity to create a loyal audience on social media independently of ads, and having a legitimate presence is a starting point. After all, ads are not just a way to get purchases or leads. They are an avenue to building awareness and brand loyalty. 

Why Choose Us To Manage Your Facebook Ads Campaigns?

We have the experience, empathy, passion, and talent stack to give you an unfair advantage in Facebook Ads. It takes creativity and expertise to properly manage your Facebook Ads campaign and hunger to consistently raise the bar. We are not a set-it-and-forget-it agency. Wasted spend hurts us just as much as it hurts you. We place our hearts and minds with you. We have the data of many past clients of many industries. And so we can see just around the bend and anticipate many things. Furthermore, we are a proactive Facebook Ads agency, not a reactionary one. 

The Difference Between An Ad And An Organic Post On Facebook Shouldn’t Be Obvious

With the Right Facebook Ads Partner, ads CAN Feel Organic

We set out to create customer journeys, not just ads. This needs to feel organic. Ads shouldn’t feel like ads.

This is especially important on Facebook and Instagram since time is so precious. People don’t have the taste for ads on these platforms as they used to, which is why it takes working with the right agency more than before. Ads can be a wonderful experience for users.

It will take the following priorities to run an enduring campaign on Facebook:





Building Customer Journeys



The journey will be different for each client, but the destination is the same.

  • It’s our job to worry about all of the nuts and bolts
  • It’s also our job to bring you into the process
  • We are looking to be an extension of your team, not just a vendor
  • And it’s our job to make the Facebook Ads journey enjoyable

Our Facebook Ads Pledge

If we are your Facebook Ads agency, here is our pledge to you:
  • We will build sustainable campaigns that can scale
  • We will build sustainable campaigns that can scale
  • We will always be transparent
  • We will always be communicative and accessible
  • We will be proactive, not reactive
  • We will build your entire customer journey from A-Z
  • We will be your partner, not your vendor
  • We will apply our years of experience to not waste your time or money
  • We will always be looking for what is around the bend
  • Finally… we’ll have great conversations together!

We know first-hand the grind. It can take a lot of effort to get to sustainable profit with Facebook Ads. We will put in the time, discipline, and work to get to that sustainable profitability as quickly as possible. We hope that you’ll join us on this Facebook Ads journey. We are excited to be your partner.

We hope that you are as excited to get this Facebook Ads partnership going as we are. Are you in?

We’ll get back to you within a day to schedule a quick strategy call. We can also communicate over email if that’s easier for you.

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.