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Crafting Responsive WordPress Websites Optimized For Conversion

99 Robots is a leading WordPress development agency that uses its marketing know-how to create innovative websites that personify your brand and are geared towards maximizing conversion.

WordPress Development Services That Grow Your Business

With many consumers today, your website is often the first impression that they have of your business.

When it comes to choosing a business, people have lots of options, which means you need a website that helps them identify your brand as the best choice.

As an agency of marketers, we aim to create a design for your brand that drives sales and presents your customers with a distinct experience that establishes trust and authority in your industry.

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Our Website Services

To build the right website for your business, we will work with you to understand your business and select the right technology that best suits your business needs. We specialize in WordPress, Shopify, and SaaS development so we’re ready with the right tools for your next project.

WordPress Development

WordPress is our foundation and where we started. We built Gabfire Themes and DraftPress because we felt the need to contribute our expertise to the community. Our products are used by over 300,000 websites and we use our expertise to build your WordPress site the right way the first time around.


SaaS Web Application Development

Need something more involved than a website? Our expert web application developers can build the exact app you need. Our carefully honed process can help develop an idea into a full-fledged app or if you’ve already laid out your requirements, we will build the app from the ground up.


Shopify Development

Want a managed eCommerce Platform for your store that’s easy to use and takes care of many of the technical aspects for you? As a Shopify Partner, we can help you build your store with the right elements to convert your customers.


Website Maintenance

Have a series of smaller regular updates that need to be made to your website or need a team to make sure your site is running smoothly? Our team can help keep your site up to date and manage the inner workings so you don’t have to worry about it.

What You’ll Get

Invest In The Success Of Your Site With 99 Robots Website Development Services

When you invest in our website development services, you’ll receive a website that is:


Custom Designed

Every WordPress website we create is designed to ensure we present your unique brand experience while accomplishing your business goals.


Lead Focused

A team of marketers at heart, our world-class designers use a conversion-optimized design philosophy that will drive your visitors to action.



Since greater than 50 percent of all internet activity comes from mobile, we create websites that will look great at every screen size.


Optimized For SEO

We build our websites using industry best-practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that the groundwork is set for your ongoing SEO efforts after launch.

Are you ready for a website that grows your business? It's time to get a WordPress website that CONVERTS.

What We’ve Done

Our WordPress Development Portfolio

We build websites that help take your business to the next level, here are some examples of our work:

ProSight Specialty came to 99 Robots looking for a new and fresh website design to help elevate it’s brand and position in the industry as well as improve the UX for potential customers to more easily find the type of insurance product that is right for them.

What We Did

Website Design

Website Development

Landing Page Design

Blog Page Development

Project Description

ProSight Specialty came to 99 Robots looking for a new and fresh website design to help elevate it’s brand and position in the industry as well as improve the UX for potential customers to more easily find the type of insurance product that is right for them, all within a fully responsive package focused on both an excellent mobile and desktop experience.
ProSight was looking for a complete CMS Solution that would allow their content team to edit the content as well as create a re-usable system of content layers that would allow the team to create new pages and content without any new development.

Website Implementation & Content Migration

The design of the website was focused on funneling potential customers to the right specialty insurance policy and providing information on coverage options and additional related services, all targeted to converting a lead to contact for a quote.

We selected a Custom-Built Theme alongside the WordPress CMS as the best fit for modular expansion, ease of editing content and excellent performance. We used Advanced Custom Fields as the framework to house all of the data for the custom layers that were developed.

Landing Page Builder

The design of the website was focused on funneling potential customers to the right specialty insurance policy and providing information on coverage options and additional related services, all targeted to converting a lead to contact for a quote. We selected a Custom-Built Theme alongside the WordPress CMS as the best fit for modular expansion, ease of editing content and excellent performance. We used Advanced Custom Fields as the framework to house all of the data for the custom layers that were developed.

ProSight Direct Blog

In conjunction with the launch of their ProSight Direct business targeted at providing insurance policies to professionals, we designed and developed a Blog aimed at providing quality content within related insurance niches to promote brand and product awareness. Potential customers would need to be able to easily navigate to the right content categories that applied to them. A custom Blog theme on the WordPress CMS was chosen for this website as it’s the perfect platform for a website focused on Blogging.

Why Us?

Why Partner With 99 Robots For Website Design?

Conversion Focused Team

Paid advertising and marketing is one of our specialties and focusing on lead or sales conversion optimization is always top of mind whenever we build a new website.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

We partner with clients from a range of different industries and the satisfaction of our clients is very important to us. Many of our clients have given our team high satisfaction scores.

Industry Leading Development Standards

We specialize in specific platforms that are versatile to satisfy all of your business needs and build every website with high-quality code according to the latest development standards for that platform.

Look Great On Every Screen

Our designers use a responsive approach to create professional designs no matter what device your customer chooses to view your site with.

Dedicated Project Managers

We collaborate with you through a dedicated project manager who will work as an extension of your team. They will work to understand your business and your website vision and bring it to life.

Custom Design

We tailor every website package to your company’s specific needs, resulting in a performance-based website that captures your brand’s essence and meets your business goals.

Why Invest In WordPress Development Services?

If you’re not sure whether you should invest in professional web design services, there are several factors to consider that could have a direct impact on your revenue and growth. Learn more about the specific benefits of our web design services:

Increase Your Conversion Rate

We’re experts at creating websites that convert. Depending on your business, conversion may mean different things and we work with you to identify your target audience and desired conversion funnel and what action you’d like your site visitors to take. With the depth of experience in both marketing and digital ads, our team will create a website that is optimized for conversion.

Optimize Your Brand Positioning

Need a new website that will tell your brand story and what makes you different from the competition? Our team can help fine-tune your brand identity and create a new design aesthetic that’s unique and exemplifies your brand persona.

Upgrade Your User Experience

With our master UX designers, we’ll create a user experience that is both easy and engaging for your site visitors and will work well with any device. Our designers will create an interface for your site that gently guides users to the information they are looking for and drives them towards the actions you want them to take.

Advance Your Search Ranking

With SEO Best Practices in mind, we’ll create a website that is set up for success with SEO. We’ll lay the groundwork in the website we build to support your ongoing SEO efforts for the long term to improve your organic traffic.

Our Capabilities 




WordPress Development Contributions

We actively contribute to the WordPress community

  • 22+ Custom Plugins Developed
  • 20+ Open Source Plugins
  • 22+ WordPress Themes Created
Everyone on the 99 Robots team can help each other out and be in sync. It makes for a very nimble and adaptable team.

Business Success Guides

How To Hire A WordPress Developer

Do you want to take your WordPress website up a notch? If your current website needs a unique design or custom functionality, it might be time to consider hiring a WordPress web developer. The top WordPress developers have spent years learning and researching everything there is to know about WordPress, allowing them to develop outstanding, customized websites for their clients. If you’re thinking about hiring a WordPress developer, but aren’t sure how to get started, check out these four easy tips to get the ball rolling.

How To Find A WordPress Developer

Regardless of who you choose, it’s extremely important to communicate exactly what you are looking for regarding the functionality and design of your website. Make sure you know what developers need from you before you start talking with them.

Ask For Recommendations From Colleagues

If you want a trustworthy and reliable developer without scouring the internet, you should ask for referrals from your colleagues. They will have personal experience working with the developer and can guide you through the process. Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues through email or social media to get a personal recommendation to a WordPress developer.

Use The Developer Who Designed Your Favorite Website

Another way to hire a web developer for your WordPress site is to find out who designed your favorite sites. Most websites have a link in the footer that gives credit to the developer or design that leads to their website.

Just contact them through their website to get started. If you can’t find a link, try contacting the website directly and asking them to put you in touch with their developer. If their site is built with WordPress, you might be able to find the designer info by using whatwpthemeisthat.com.

Check Freelance Websites

Another way to find a WordPress developer is by going through job boards on freelancer websites. There are dozens of job websites that are dedicated to freelancing, so the options can be overwhelming. Try searching for freelancers or posting a job on mega-sites Upwork or Freelancer to begin your search.

Then, search for and hone in on sites that are exclusively meant for web developers. Once you’ve found a reputable site to use, you should carefully go through user profiles & advertisements and look for the perfect candidate for you. Be prepared to thoroughly interview prospective developers, look carefully at their portfolios, and look at their references for any positive or negative reviews.

Utilize A Development Agency

If these other options don’t work out for you, you may want to consider hiring a development agency to work with you. Keep in mind that development agencies are more expensive because they bring on multiple people to work on your project.

These agencies are filled with extremely talented, professional WordPress designers and can do anything from custom website design to developing scalable plugins. For more information on agency and freelancer pricing differences, check out our guide and infographic on how much does a website cost.

How To Choose A WordPress Developer

Choosing a WordPress developer is all about comfort. You need to be comfortable and confident in the developer’s ability to communicate, design, and manage the project.


No matter which route you choose, make sure that you can clearly communicate with your developer. They should be able to discuss the project with you in your language, respond in a timely manner, and be able to explain in clear terms what they plan to do.

If you have trouble understanding your developer before the project even begins, it’s a good indicator that they might not be a good fit for the job.


You have a vision for your website and maybe some examples. Scour the portfolio of your potential developer and verify that their work is similar to your vision. If they don’t have anything like what you envisioned, it may mean that they can’t deliver it.

It’s a lot like shopping. If you go out looking to buy a new laptop, you don’t buy one from the store that sells chandeliers.

On top of that, ask the developer to explain what they did with the project. How long did it take? What technology did they use? Shine a light on their portfolio and see if they can hold up to a bit of questioning.


Much like a recommendation, reviews can be very helpful in determining the quality of a developer. Naturally, they can be subjective and at times irrational, but reviews are great evidence if a developer is good with client and project management.

Think about reviews you’ve left in the past. For the most part you want to be truthful in relaying information about the service/product, but sometimes circumstances may not always lead to the best review. Always read reviews with care.

You can even go so far as contacting their past client to discuss their experience. They would be the best source for understanding how the developer operates.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of people out there claiming to be WordPress developers. Make sure to invest some time thoroughly researching your developer before you finalize your decision.

Whether you find them through colleagues, job sites, or directly from an agency, make sure to talk with the developer before starting a project, check out their portfolio, and read their reviews and testimonials. It will be worth the time to pick the right developer the first time.

Table of Contents

Our WordPress Development Process

So How Does This WordPress Development Partnership Work? It’s All In The Process

Phase 01


During this step, we will immerse ourselves in your brand and perform an assessment that focuses on learning about your business and what makes you different. What sets you apart from your competition and what is your brand’s personality and culture? We’ll also ensure all of the processes, data structures, and requirements for all of the functionality behind your site are defined and reviewed during this phase.