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SEO audits are the fastest, most effective way to determine why your website isn’t ranking highly. We offer SEO audits that are 100% transparent and analyze your site’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO.

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We offer the following SEO audit services that build that customer journey.

Our specialized teams work together to provide these deliverables:



Technical SEO

...and more!

As a full-service SEO agency, we are about building the customer journey from the search engine result to the conversion. To achieve this, it takes a tailored and productive SEO partnership with you. High search results need to be sustainable. There are a lot of cheap ways to get to the top. But Google is constantly changing the game, so only sustainable strategies truly win.

We would love to speak with you to learn about your business and how an SEO audit can rock your business.

Why Us?

Why 99 Robots For An SEO Audit?

Not ranked #1 in search results? An SEO audit can provide you with answers to why.

If you having difficulty ranking in the major search engines, but aren’t sure why, an SEO audit by 99 Robots, can answer that question and put you on the path to getting at the top of page one. To help you maximize your online visibility, we can analyze your site and create an actionable strategy.

Over the past decade, we have taken many businesses to the top of their local search engine results and improved their Google presence in search. We have managed dozens and dozens of businesses and increased their customer intake. We can look back on this decade and say that we have learned a lot. Most of all, we have learned a lot about our clients.

We have found that there is a specific formula to a productive partnership. This productive partnership can blossom no matter what your goals are.


If your goal is to…

  • Bring in more customers
  • Decrease your advertising costs
  • Build brand awareness
  • Rise above your local competitors 
  • All of the above

…An SEO audit is the first step needed help to bring in all of those people without relying on expensive ads. SEO when done right is the best bang for your buck in the digital marketing world. Whether your goals are accomplished in-house or with an agency, there needs to be knowledge. There needs to be execution.

What Is The 99 Robots Advantage?

As a full-service SEO agency, 99 Robots has a ready-to-go library of processes, tools, and technical knowledge to properly audit and build your SEO presence so you see positive results.

Many businesses can get on the path of winning with an SEO audit, no matter the industry or size. With a 99 Robots SEO audit, our team will…

  • Analyze your website’s strengths and determine your SEO strategy
  • Find both on-page and off-page factors that affect search rankings
  • Provide a comprehensive SEO audit report that includes a competitive scorecard, a backlink report, and recommendations for the future
  • …and more!

Everything We Do Is Focused On Driving Client Success. Here Are Some Client Testimonials:


“An SEO audit is just what my business needed to really understand the impact the lack of our online presence was doing to our bottom line.”

Charles L.


“An SEO audit is just what my business needed to really understand the impact the lack of our online presence was doing to our bottom line.”

Charles L.


What Is An SEO Audit?

SEO audits measure how well your website complies with best practices – they are the first step in establishing an implementation plan. The audit aims to identify as many foundational issues as possible that affect organic search performance

Why An SEO Audit?

SEO audits are an important step to help your site and business avoid several key factors that can affect your business. Such as..

  • The loss of organic traffic due to site health issues
  • Loss of sales opportunities or losing to the competition 
  • Having your site not indexed properly so that searchers can’t find you
  • Getting penalties from Google for toxic backlinks


An SEO audit will help to…

  • Enhance the performance such as the speed of a website
  • Optimize the content 
  • Create a better experience for website visitors
  • Better position the website to be on page one of search results

Our Pledge

If we are your SEO audit agency, here is our pledge to you:

  • We will mix tactics and creativity
  • We will always be transparent
  • We will always be communicative and accessible
  • We will be proactive, not reactive
  • We will build your entire customer journey from A-Z
  • We will be your partner, not your vendor
  • We will apply our years of experience to not waste your time or money
  • And we will always be looking for what is around the bend
  • Finally… we’ll have great conversations together!

We know first-hand the grind. It can take a lot of effort to get to sustainable profit through a a proper SEO audit. We will put in the time, discipline, and work to get to that sustainable profitability as quickly as possible. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey. We are excited to be your partner.

We hope that you are as excited to get this SEO audit partnership going as we are. Are you in?

We’ll get back to you within a day to schedule a quick strategy call. We can also communicate over email if that’s easier for you.

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