Local Citation Building: Improved & Optimized Local Listings

Local search campaigns are successful when citations are used. When you open a new location, citation building can help increase local search traffic and speed up the discovery process. A recurring citation for an established location can build can help you maintain your position on page one.


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We offer local citation building services.

Our local citations team works together to provide these deliverables:

Improve your local rankings

Verifying business data

Protect brand reputation

Researching the best sources

Analyzing citations used by the competition

Auditing existing citations

Handling directory submissions

...and more!

In order to grow your business and achieve your goals, we understand what it takes. Dozens and dozens of local business owners like you have learned the best way to do just that from us. As an agency specializing in local citation building, we understand that every client is unique and every project needs to be approached differently. Local citation building doesn’t have to be reinvented every time. Ours has been consistently successful because we have built a process that works and is tried and tested. Taking your business to the next level is what we’re here to help you with.

We would love to speak with you to learn about your business and how our local citation building can rock your business.

Why Us?

Why 99 Robots For Local Citation Building Services?

Over the past decade, we have taken many local businesses to the top of the search engine results and improved their local web presence. We have built citations for many clients to increased their business. We can look back on this decade and say that we have learned a lot. Most of all, we have learned a lot about our clients.

We have found that there is a specific formula to a productive partnership. This productive partnership can blossom no matter what your goals are.

If your goal is to…

  • Bring in more customers
  • Decrease your advertising costs
  • Build brand awareness
  • Rise above your local competitors 
  • All of the above

…Proper citation building is the ticket to bringing in all of those people for the almost no cost. Citation building when done right is much cheaper than advertising in the long run. Whether your goals are accomplished in-house or with an agency, there needs to be knowledge. There needs to be execution.

What Is The 99 Robots Advantage?

As a full-service citation building agency, 99 Robots has a ready-to-go library of processes, tools, and technical knowledge to properly maintain and optimize your local directory listings so you see positive results.

Many local businesses can win with building their online presence, no matter the industry or size. The 99 Robots team will build the following citation types…

  • Business directories to match industry, location or other factors
  • Social citations to mention business details which is very important for local SEO
  • We’ll fill out your photos metadata of your business
  • Video citations to allow you to appear for video searches for your business information
  • …and more!

Everything We Do Is Focused On Driving Client Success. Here Are Some Client Testimonials:


“Building my local presence has been key in my company’s growth.”

Howard H.


“Building my local presence has been key in my company’s growth.”

Howard H.

Local Citation Building FAQ

Why Should I Care About Local Citations?


They promote your business in the same way that offline listings do. It puts your products and services in front of more people who are looking for them. They also serve as authoritative indicators of how well-known you are to search engines. You are likely to see growth from a variety of directions if you have a lot of citations.

What Are Local Citations?

Citations represent your business name, address, and phone number which is also abbreviated as NAP. Citations are business directories that are a more versatile version of the traditional phonebook from back in the day.

What Are Structured Citations vs. Unstructured Citations?

Form fields that ask for business information are structured citations. Unstructured citations are created when you write out your information outside of form fields such as on a blog, a photo caption, or in the description field on a video site.

Our Pledge

If we are your citation building agency, here is our pledge to you:

  • We will mix tactics and creativity
  • We will always be transparent
  • We will always be communicative and accessible
  • We will be proactive, not reactive
  • We will build your entire customer journey from A-Z
  • We will be your partner, not your vendor
  • We will apply our years of experience to not waste your time or money
  • And we will always be looking for what is around the bend
  • Finally… we’ll have great conversations together!

We know first-hand the grind. It can take a lot of effort to get to sustainable profit through a proper citation building. We will put in the time, discipline, and work to get to that sustainable profitability as quickly as possible. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey. We are excited to be your partner.

We hope that you are as excited to get this citation building partnership going as we are. Are you in?

We’ll get back to you within a day to schedule a quick strategy call. We can also communicate over email if that’s easier for you.

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