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Revenue generating businesses trust our team to keep their websites updated, compliant, and secure. 99 Robots is a leading website maintenance and web design company that offers website maintenance plans and packages that help improve the performance and security of your website.

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Website Maintenance Services That Have You Covered

Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, or another website engine, 99 Robots makes website maintenance easy.

Website maintenance is an essential part of any WordPress, Shopify site, or SaaS app. Keeping up with website maintenance can become a chore when you’re running a business. By using 99 Robots, you can save time and effort, so you can focus on the important things.

With many consumers today, your website is often the first impression that they have of your business. When it comes to choosing a business to support your website, you have lots of options, which means you need a team that can provide the knowledge and expertise needed. Contact us today to tell us more about your business and let us be your maintenance team!

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What You’ll Get

Invest In The Success Of Your Site With 99 Robots Website Maintenance Services

When you invest in our website maintenance services, you’ll receive:

Security Checks & Malware Scans

99 Robots protects your site from brute-force attacks and malware and regularly performs security scans of your site.

Website & Plugin Updates

We keep the software, add-ons, and other plugins on your site updated in response to new versions or recent security updates.

On Demand Site Support

Never lose contact with our expert email support using a single email address that can reach our entire team.

Website Backups

Tired of losing all your data? We take backups of your site regularly and store them on a secure cloud server.

Speed Enhancements

Nobody likes a slow website. 99 Robot's can speed up your site by 10x in some cases.

Site Edits

Request minor website tweaks, content updates, and other small changes to your site.

Sample Maintenance Plans

Every website is different and the plan that’s required for your site depends on the architecture and complexity of your site.  Contact our expert team today and we’ll help you determine the right plan for your website.


Great for Small Websites

from $499/mo

Product Features :
  • Security Hardening

  • Cloud Backups

  • Small Site Updates


Great for Medium-sized Websites

from $999/mo

Product Features :
  • Everything in the Starter Plan

  • Marketing Evaluations

  • Phone Support

  • SEO Analysis


Great for Large Websites

from $1999/mo

Product Features :
  • Everything in the Business Plan

  • Website Development

  • Conversion Rate Analysis

  • Access to Our Product Library

Are you ready for a website that grows your business? It’s time to get a website that CONVERTS.

Why Invest In Website Maintenance Services?

If you’re not sure whether you should invest in professional website maintenance services, there are several factors to consider that could have a direct impact on your revenue and growth. Learn more about the specific benefits of our website maintenance services:

A Team of Experts at Your Fingertips

Lack the right skills or resources to manage your website?  Enjoy the convenience of an expert team who knows your business and website with our top-notch website maintenance service. Our team includes marketers, advertisers, copywriters, developers, designers, QA testers, and system engineers and are ready to handle any challenge.

Improve Site Availability and Reduce Unexpected Issues

Don’t let technical issues cost you money and credibility. Ensure maximum uptime and minimize unexpected issues with our website maintenance service. Our proactive software patching and monitoring guarantee a reliable and worry-free experience, keeping your site consistently available to your customers.

Keep Your Website Safe And Secure With Regular Security Updates

Stay one step ahead of potential hacks and data attacks by regularly updating your website as part of our comprehensive maintenance service. By ensuring your website’s software is up to date, we fortify your defenses and protect your valuable data from potential vulnerabilities.

Regular Updates Help Keep Your Website Speedy

Websites that are slow are no use to anyone. When a website does not load quickly, visitors leave. Even if you’ve done speed enhancements when your site first launched, over time your website needs to be pruned and maintained to keep it speedy and working it’s best.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

The website maintenance cost can range between $300 and $10,000+ per month depending on the complexity of your website and your needs. We offer services that encompass technical support, website updates, security monitoring, and hosting assistance. Additionally, there are other expenses associated with website costs, such as hosting, CMS and plugin/add-on licensing, SSL certificates, domain names, and other third-party services such as Newsletter services or other integrations which can impact the cost of running your website.

Our website packages are specifically designed to provide you with flexibility and grant you access to a team of marketers, developers, designers, advertisers, and security experts. Regardless of the size of your business, our pricing plans for website maintenance can adapt to your needs and help you scale effectively.

It’s essential to consider your budget when determining the cost of website maintenance and if you’re looking to reduce your average spend on website maintenance, it may be better to budget annually for a website maintenance package rather than incur the costs of reacting to a site outage or hack. It’s worth noting that businesses suffer significant losses due to inadequate maintenance and security on their websites, amounting to billions of dollars annually due to website hacks or other issues. Talk with our team today about a website maintenance package that’s right for your business.

Why Us?

Why Partner With 99 Robots For Website Maintenance?

The importance of accessibility in a client/agency partnership is important to success. We are not just vendors, but an extension of your team. We ensure our team understands your business and what makes it succeed.

US Based Team of Experts

Never be lost in translation when you message our United States based support team.  Our company is based in New Jersey and you get access to an entire of experts that cover a broad range of skills all ready to work on your site, including strategists, marketers, copywriters, advertisers, designers, developers, testers, and more!

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us.  We achieve this through clear and efficient communication, proactive maintenance measures, and transparent reporting. By promptly understanding and addressing your business needs, we foster trust and confidence in our services, ultimately leading to exceptional customer satisfaction.

Industry Leading Development Standards

We specialize in specific platforms that are versatile to satisfy all of your business needs and build every website with high-quality code according to the latest development standards for that platform.

Conversion Focused Mindset

Converting your target audience is top of mind and we have the tools and team in place to help optimize your site and drive higher conversion rates to maximize your return on investment.

Dedicated Project Managers

We collaborate with you through a dedicated project manager who will work as an extension of your team. They will work to understand your business and your website vision and bring it to life.

Custom Packages

We tailor every website maintenance package to your company’s specific needs as well as the complexity of your website, resulting in a performance-based website that captures your brand’s essence and meets your business goals.

Our Development Contributions

We actively contribute to the web development community:

  • 22+ Custom Plugins Developed
  • 20+ Open Source Plugins
  • 22+ WordPress Themes Created
Everyone on the 99 Robots team can help each other out and be in sync. It makes for a very nimble and adaptable team.

Website Maintenance Pricing and Plans

Looking for a monthly website maintenance plan? Enjoy convenient ongoing updates that save you time and money. Our data-driven approach prioritizes impactful updates for a hassle-free experience. Our expert team handles all your maintenance needs, providing you with:

Contact our team today and we can evaluate your website needs and create a custom maintenance proposal for you!

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Our Website Maintenance Process

How Would a Web Maintenance Partnership Work?

Phase 01

Initial Assessment

The first step of any partnership is to understand what the needs of the website are and review the website’s performance, security, content, and overall functionality.  We will start with thoroughly reviewing how the site is built, the different add-ons being used, integrations that the site currently has, as well as determine what reporting/analytics are currently in place.  We will test out the website, including testing forms as well as the checkout process, plugins, and broken links. We also review your KPIs, security measures, and backup strategies.

Phase 02

Planning & Goal Setting

Based on the current state of the site, we will define the goals and objectives of the maintenance project and where we would like the website to be.  We will create a comprehensive plan to meet those goals.  This can include enhancing security measures, improving site backups, ensuring website code is being tracked and stored, resolving any critical or major issues or bugs, performance improvements, and more.

Phase 03


We will then implement any required changes based on our comprehensive maintenance plan. Fix anything that is broken. Apply security updates and make backups of the website.

Phase 04

Ongoing Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

We will continuously monitor the website for performance issues, security threats, and potential updates. We will regularly evaluate the website’s performance, user feedback, and industry trends to identify areas for improvement and continuously adapt our maintenance strategies to meet your evolving business needs.

Everything We Do Is Focused On Driving Client Success. Here Are Some Client Testimonials:

David B Photo

“99 Robots saved my site! I came to them after my site was hacked and their prompt and reliable support got my site back in working condition and brought my site's security standards up to par.

David B

Sandy C Photo

The 99 Robots support team truly cares about our website, consistently addressing the root cause of every issue, while their exceptional communication skills creates a seamless experience.  I always know what they're working on and what to expect.

Sandy C

Mike N photo

I'm incredibly impressed with the team at 99 Robots. They consistently show their expertise by delivering intelligent solutions for all of my website issues and needs. They can handle any challenge, making them an invaluable partner.

Mike N

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