Why Advertise Your Amazon Products on Facebook?

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Brands are finding Amazon’s advertising platform to be a compelling destination for marketing products. Amazon is a place where shoppers buy stuff, as opposed to simply discovering or researching a product on Facebook and Google. Therefore, many brands find Amazon compelling compared to other platforms that aren’t directly connected to online checkouts since it can be difficult to know how many ads spend is truly converted. 

Amazon is the best way to sell more products. However, Amazon advertising is becoming a very competitive landscape. With the flock of many brands inside Amazon, there is no certainty that your product will be on the top search results or if it will directly reach to your target market. Competition is increasing for certain product categories that are driving CPC bids high. Thus, it will be the best strategy to explore other marketing channels to help market your products and brand more effectively. 

Advertise Your Amazon Products on Facebook

Facebook is a massive platform where you can generate brand and product awareness fast and cost-effectively. By using Facebook ads effectively, brands can boost the ranking and sales of their product in the short term while also building a customer list for long term purposes. Hence, advertising your Amazon listings on Facebook could lead to more sales, higher organic rankings and even a good edge over your competitors. 

Benefits of Advertising Your Amazon Products on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network today and there is a big chance that you could find almost every prospect you wanted to target. By accessing a large pool of ideal prospects on Facebook and leading them to purchase on Amazon, you can increase your sales and conversion rates which results in a higher organic ranking. If you rank better in organic search, then you will get more website traffic from search engines. 

Facebook offers the ability to greatly expand your brand’s reach, narrow in on a highly-targeted audience, and use a qualitatively different advertising platform that leads prospects to become customers. When you have a new product to sell on Amazon, customers may not be able to notice it right away with the presence of other competitor products. Thus, you may see lesser sales and high ACoS on your Amazon PPC campaigns. With the help of advertising on Facebook, you can fill the gap by introducing your products to the target audience, educating them about it moving them over to Amazon. This would likely increase awareness and may help in converting sales to your new products or brands.

Since many Amazon sellers are hesitant to venture into Facebook ads, doing this will give you an advantage over your competitors in the same industry. You might be just the first mover to advertise your products on Amazon and if it works well, you could sail ahead over your competitors.

Best Practices for Facebook Ads for Amazon

Create a Compelling Offer

The most common type of campaign run by Amazon brands is a high discount promotion to boost keyword rankings. This campaign should be run for only 7 to 10 days. You’ll want to make it clear in your ad that you are offering this high discount, without being too focused on sales. Discounts do boost rankings, so you will get more organic traffic from Amazon searches. 

Test Lookalike & Custom Audiences

A lookalike audience is when you take an existing list of leads or customers and tell Facebook to show these ads to people that are similar on the list. 

A layered lookalike audience is when you narrow down the lookalike audience with additional demographic, behavioral or interest-based criteria.

Narrowing your audience can work great for certain campaigns. For others, wider audiences work better. That’s’ why you have to test always a few different audiences. There are different types of audiences, and typically lookalike audiences perform the best.

Final Words

Advertising on Facebook needs a different strategy than Amazon. This is because on Amazon you have customers looking to buy products. However, on Facebook, your target audience isn’t doing that. Facebook ads can be an excellent source of growth for brands selling on Amazon. It paves the way to a huge user base in a different way than internal Amazon advertising.

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