It’s no secret that writing relevant and compelling text ads is the key to success of your paid search campaigns, for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Relevancy – writing text ads that include your target keywords improves relevancy and your ad relevance as users see an ad exactly about what they searched for.
  2. CTR – As your prospects see a relevant ad to their search query, they are more like to click on your ad. Therefore it increases Click-through rate of your ads.
  3. Quality Score – Relevancy and CTR directly affect the quality score of your keywords, a higher score results in higher ad rank and lower cost per click (CPC).

Many of us take cues from top ranking text ads in our niche for the target keywords. Here we compile the 10 best paid search ads in Financial Services sector:

1. DJ Insurance in Minutes

DJ insurance in minutes Search Ad Example and analysis

What they did well?

  1. Keyword in headline1: having included their target keyword in headline1 they have ensured the ad is relevant to the search query.
  2. CTA in headline2: The “Buy Now” call to action (CTA) in headline2 i.e. the second half of the headline can be great way to drive action from prospects.
  3. Callout Extensions: The callout extensions in the 2nd line of text highlight the distinctiveness of the insurance plan, a must for every paid search campaign.
  4. Price in headline: The price in the headline makes the ad appear more compelling, sets the expectation right as well as differentiates itself from the competition.
  5. Sitelink Extensions: The sitelinks in the last line are very concisely written to supplement the main insurance policy offer. Sitelink extension if used well like this, help increase CTR on the ad.  

What could be A/B tested?

  1. CTA at the of description: Adding the CTA “Buy Now” at the end of description could increase CTR when prospects complete reading the ad and see the CTA in natural order, at the end of the ad.
  2. Ad description focused on one aspect: For now the ad looks a little bit crowded with too many aspects put together as description. A good variation to A/B test could writing a description that focuses on one of the specific aspects of the insurance policy.  

2. Hiscox

Hiscox Search Ad Example and analysis

What they did well?

  1. Call Extension: By adding a call extension they have made it easier for prospects to contact them, in case a prospect doesn’t want to learn more by visiting the website they have the option to call them right from here.  
  2. Compelling and Crisp Ad Description: The ad description highlights the key differentiator and sets the expectation right with a compelling call to action. Also by not including the “Callout” and “Structured Snippet” extension  they have ensured the ad looks clean and easy to read. Less is more, did you say?

What could be A/B tested?

  1. Callout or Structured Snippet Extension: Although the ad looks cleaner, we still think variations this ad could be A/B tested with callouts and/or structured snippet extensions, both the ad extensions together as well one after the other before deciding a winner out of these variations.     
  2. Brand “Hiscox” in Headline: The brand term “Hiscox” looks repetitive in the headline as it also shows “” at the end of headline2.     

3. PolicyGenius

Policy Genius Search Ad Example and analysis

What they did well?

  1. Reviews Extension: The review extension here helps the ad stand out from the rest and therefore should result in higher CTR.      

What could be A/B tested?

  1. Repetitive Words in Description: Although the ad description is crisp, a version of this ad without using repetitive words “Apply Online Today” and “Apply In Just 5 Minutes” could be A/B tested as it comes across very pushy.      

4. Progressive

Progressive Search Ad Example and analysis

What they did well?

  1. Sitelink Extension: The sitelink extensions used here are clean and do a great as CTA for the ad.     

What could be A/B tested?

  1. Keyword in Headline: Although Progressive has great brand recall, it still doesn’t hurt A/B testing a version of this ad by moving the “Food Business Insurance” as headline and “Progressive Advantage” as headline2.
  2. Sitelink Extension: Although the sitelinks extension does a good job as CTAs, more such sitelinks could be A/B tested to provide users with links to more related info about “Food Business Insurance”.

5. ProSight Specialty

ProSight Specialty Search Ad Example and analysis

What they did well?

  1. Structured Snippet Extension: Great use of structured snippet extension with “Insurance Coverage” that helps enrich the ad with coverage options.      
  2. Sitelink Extension: Multiple sitelink extensions help enrich the ad further by providing links to the company and contact info as well as unique advantages pages.

What could be A/B tested?

  1. Ad Description: With 3 lines of text the ad looks a bit crowded. Therefore instead of using both callouts and structured snippet extensions, two more variations of this ad could be A/B tested by using a callout extension in one version and a structured snippet in another.      

Which of these ads sound more appealing to you as a user? I say this because we often create ads thinking like a business while its so critical to speak the language of our target customers.

Google Ads therefore emphasizes on creating relevant ads and rewards them with higher quality score, higher ad ranks and lower cost per click (CPC). Do your ads speak the user’s language? How about we do a Free Audit of your PPC campaigns (Caution: This audit often reveals shocking details of inefficiencies)?

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