Are You Paying Your Adwords
Agency For Their Mistakes?

We've seen common mistakes after auditing
hundreds of AdWords accounts, costing clients
thousands of dollars in wasted spend.

In our most recent audit, we found over
$550,000 wasted over 12 months. 

Watch this video to learn the top 5 mistakes PPC agencies make managing Adwords campaigns

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Absent Account Management

Most PPC accounts are severely neglected by account managers (especially at larger agencies) checking in only once a month or less. 

Weak Landing Pages

Your ads may not be leading visitors to the most relevant landing pages. The right landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 50%.

Poor Budget Allocation

Many times your best campaigns are not receiving the impressions they deserve because of improper budget allocation.

KeyWords Are Losing
You Money

Low quality and irrelevant keywords can increase your cost per lead and reduce chances potential customers will see your ad.



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