Why You Need to Hire an Amazon PPC Agency

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Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce sites online. However, it also means that the selling environment is quite competitive. It’s a dominant online retailer that sells everything from basic toiletries to clothing to high-end electronics. As an entrepreneur, you will be excited because part of Amazon’s business is that it allows people to sell products on its site. If you have your products, you can take advantage of Amazon’s tremendous reach and influence. You’ll be able to reach more potential customers and increase sales of first-time customers. Once they purchase your product and have liked and trust your brand, then you can move them on to shopping at your online store.

As an Amazon seller like you, growing a business and earning a profit is exciting and at the same time it also takes up more of your time and knowledge. As your Amazon business grows, you would notice that you will need extra hands to guide and advise you for some practical actions to take. Amazon PPC agencies come in different sizes and shapes and what they bring to the table. Overall, they are experts in developing, creating, and managing your Product Display Ads that reach target shoppers as they search for relevant products on Amazon.

That’s why we have put together the essential reasons why do you need to hire an Amazon PPC Agency.

Essential Reasons why you need to Hire an Amazon PPC Agency

Don’t Have Enough Time to Optimize Product Pages for Traffic and Conversion

In optimizing product pages for traffic and conversion, it would likely need expertise especially on understanding the tools for 3P sellers such as Storefront and EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). You need to stay in the loop for the changes on how to best leverage the new tools. There is Enhanced Brand Content that looks good on the desktop but is unreadable on mobile. There are also product pages where the keyword used on the products is quite long and anyone reading it would not understand what the product is. 

As you hire an Amazon PPC Agency to optimize your product page, whether it’s the keywords, images, and EBC, ask them on their techniques and how they plan it. Make sure that they take into full account the customer experience as they visit the page whether on mobile or desktop.

Insufficient Time for Weekly Ad Optimization

If you want to get the most out of your ad spend, then there is a need to be strategic on how to use the different platforms and on setting up the campaigns. Amazon Advertising doesn’t end when you set up your campaigns, but it requires a weekly data review of all the campaigns generated and optimization based on what the data tells you. If you are struggling with advertising, either with a lack of time or knowledge, then it’s highly recommended to hire an expert in Amazon advertising. Be sure that the agency has experience in Amazon Sponsored Products and is not just getting into the Amazon ad market. Amazon has its algorithms and needs different strategies and tactics. Find an agency that can explain what they are doing and why and who has a history of results with Amazon advertising.

Trouble on Staying Up to Date with Amazon Policy changes

If you are into Amazon, you’re most likely aware of how quickly Amazon can change and how little they sometimes share with sellers. Some of the changes are announced, and others are rolled out quietly. If you’re having a hard time to be up to date with the changes, then consider hiring someone who is not just updated but will also understand what kind of opportunity or threat that the change poses to your business and how to react wisely. Make sure when you look for someone to consult, they are not only up to date with the latest policies but they have committed also in complying with Amazon policies. 

Newbie on Amazon

If you are just starting as an Amazon seller, then there’s still a lot to learn. When looking for an expert to help, avoid anyone who would promise a quick and easy path to a successful Amazon business. Find someone who will give you an honest opinion on what it will take to help your product to succeed.

Prioritize on Developing Products

If you are actively growing your business, then your focus shifts on developing your business rather than on selling. This would leave you little time to master selling on Amazon and even optimizing your weekly data results. Then it is best to outsource to someone who has experience and dedication to Amazon ads. Through that, you can focus more on where you are good at and where your interests lie and hire out the rest. Find an agency that will take care of your specific Amazon PPC needs and allows you to run your business in the most efficient way possible.

Whether you choose to outsource or manage your own Amazon ads, the key to success is to make sure that you are up to date with the latest policies, strategies, and tactics. As your business grows and the right time to expand has come, then it would be best to hire an Amazon PPC agency to keep costs down and bring in specialized talent. Check out our blog on 10 Questions to Ask in Hiring an Amazon PPC Agency.

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