We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Triberr, an early innovator and in the content and influencer marketing space. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with its founders – Dino and Dan – in the past and they’ve clearly built an amazing community and platform. Our team is anxiously looking forward to working on Triberr.

Here’s just a few reasons for our excitement:

  • Triberr has an amazing and loyal community filled with content creators from dozens of niches
  • We love building products and Triberr puts a smile on our face!
  • The Triberr / 99 Robots team will be growing (so yes, we’ll be hiring)
  • Content & influencer marketing are ripe for growth and we hope to make a dent in this space

At 99 Robots, we focus on results. Triberr gives us a solid platform to deliver both content and influencer marketing ROI to content creators, brands and agencies of any size. Our vision is well aligned and now we’ve got a spaceship filled with tribemates to help us execute. Join us at Triberr, share your content, and be social.

Full speed ahead!

Charlie and the 99 Robots Team

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