Top 99 WordPress Influencers of 2015

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The WordPress community is powered by so many impressive individuals who not only contribute, but get others excited about contributing as well. This list honors and is dedicated to them. If you believe anyone belongs on the list, leave your recommendation in the comments below so we can add them to an upcoming list. Also, if there are any errors below, let us know and we can update the list accordingly.

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42 Responses

  1. Decent list, but my listing is incorrect. #59

    This line is not true about me and seems like it’s about someone else in the list—>

    “He was previously a Senior Front End Developer at LampsPlus, where he utilized HTML, CSS, and OOP Javascript to create and manage all of LampsPlus corporate eCommerce websites.”

  2. Some folks I would have definitely considered for this list:

    Andrew Norcross @norcross
    Mario Peshev @no_fear_inc
    Curtis McHale @curtismchale
    Carrie Dils @cdils
    Chris Ford @ci_chrisford
    Rebecca Gill @rebeccagill
    Angela Bowman @askwpgirl
    Karim Marucchi @karimmarucchi
    Shane Pearlman @justlikeair
    Steve Zehngut @Zengy
    Remkus De Vries @DeFries
    Mike Schinkel @Mike Schinkel

    No list is perfect. There will always be people that get missed.

  3. Great list! Found some new faces that I need to meet.

    I would also add Adam Silver (@heyadamsilver). He runs the South Bay WordPress Meetup in LA and has a fantastic podcast, Along with those creds, he started the WordPress backup & security service and is a co-organizer of WordCampLA 2015. He is a must add for the next list.

    1. Just to echo James from earlier, this list was not going by twitter followers. We first curated the list using our own criteria, but since we didn’t want to actually rank the list, we just used twitter followers to do so :)

  4. Interesting list, but it seems more like a Twitter popularity contest than a list of influencers that are well, influencers. Why rank people by the number of Twitter followers if the # of Twitter followers are meaningless? I am sure there is a far better way to rank contribution, reach, resources, influence, value to the community, activity, etc.

    1. Hey Michael,

      We’re open to suggestions on how to rank similar lists moving forward! We curated this list based on all the criteria you mentioned but we couldn’t come up with an objective scoring system that made sense to quantify everything.

  5. Great to see a lot of good friends on this list, many many worthy influencers. Quite a few missing though… awesome to see the influencer list so broad and wide and still missing folks.

  6. Good to see lots of old friends and new faces on this list. I’d say you missed @jb510. He’s done a ton of work with WordPress meetups and the first WordCamp Maui.

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