2014's top food blog will surely make it on our list. Check out what made them last year's number one spot, and if they would still tickle your taste buds now.

A blog that is based on whole and natural ingredients, that are inspired by the blogger's daily routine and interests. Also features famous recipes from different cookbooks.

This blog contains food recipes from blogger's own family, and prides from using real and whole ingredients.

At Bunny Kitchen, you’ll find one vegan delight after another – all worth sinking your teeth into

If you are a sweet tooth person, then this blog is for you. The blogger is a multi-awarded chef, and has mastered desserts.

A blog that promotes a vegan diet, so if you're into vegetables and other non animal serving, then this blog has it all for your taste.

A combination of photography and of food. Showing off recipes from different cultures.

A blogger that is a certified nutritiounist, therefore a recipes for a healthier you awaits on this blog site.

Hannah’s Bananas! Here you’ll find a mix of recipes from decadent sweets to healthy eats.

In this blog, you'll see creatively shot recipes of salads and sweets.

Straight from the kitchen recipes, very personal and at the same time professional blogs all about their experiences with food.

A fairy tale touch to this blog by doing the sweetest desserts, with a blog name that sounds like Cinderella.

This blog will show us the generosity of the blogger by also teaching the readers how to bake!

Oven goodies, from simple meals to amazing baked desserts.

All kinds of chocolate baked goodies are in this blog. So if you are fan chocolates like me, then dig in!

If you like it sweet, nutritious and whole, then this is the blog for you! And maybe even for me.

Food blog full of recipes and cooking tutorial. And you will all see it here.

Here's a self taught blogger on how to bake with the help of some already known favorite sweet snacks. Give another meaning to your ordinary desserts.

It's all about cakes and all other baked goods. And these are goodies are from someone who is trained professionally.

Mainly meals for breakfast with some selection of exotic food.

A lovers' work of art is all I can say. While the blogger does all the cooking, her partner does all the photography.

Wanna know food around the world? This lovely couple will show you through their blog.

From the website name itself, it's obvious I guess that the blogger wants a healthy lifestyle via food intake.

It doesn't take a genius to be a good cook. Our blogger here only realized she can cook well the moment she got married. So for anyone else, it is never too late!

A very helpful blog. Giving very useful information to make your sweets even sweeter.

Fitness, healthy living, food blogger, all these are in a one stop blog.

Another blogger that simply is showing her life. It is laready like a package,

This blog is a believer of dining in rather than eating out. It is lesser for an expense. So if you are into her likes, then what are waiting for?

Mostly pictures are seen on this blog. Pictures of freshly cut veggies, or the vapor coming out from a brewed coffee. It is the simplicity of the pictures that makes this blog speak of so many things.

Started with an illness, but changed her to become a health promoter. This blog will show you alternatives for food that are sometimes considered to be avoided.

This blog will show you not to do things half ass, but do it to the highest level.

A frugal way to cook a food that tastes expensive.

It's all photos of the beauty of food. Who doesn't want to capture of the food's stunning shot?

Now this blog is really an exciting blog to check on. It's all about loving sugary sweet beverages and yet spend less!

From her family's own recipes, Sally, the blogger focuses on food that are considered "feel-good-food" or comfort food.

Easy steps recipe, And mind you it's not just sandwiches here, there's a whole lot more

A blogger from Russia who has bits of influence from the south too. Focuses on the healthy side of simple servings

This blog is an intimate one. As the blogger's life changes, so does her cooking.

This is a great source of information for those vegetarians who loves eating sweet. The blogger cooks for her vegan husband too.

Receiving an award as the Best Veggie Blog, Kate, the blogger deserves readers to read her blog. Most specially for those who simply vegetables.

Used to love eating processed foods, but then realized the healthy way eating.

Photgraphy and blogs about food. With a positive insights about the food he encounters.

A blog that serves multi-cultural recipes.

What I love from this blog is the honesty that the blogger provided. Stating that she cooks not only the healthy recipes but the exact opposite.

A healthy chef, that is inspired daily by her family

Recipes for those who wants to stay in shape. To be sexy to be direct to the point.

Here's a serious way of sharing their ability to cook. In this blog you can see how foods are being made, seriously.

A vegeterian blog that focuses on food that can be enjoyed on a daily basis

Great food in just 30 minutes...or less!

Food that are flavorful and yet has high nutritional value, you'll see those in this blog

Famous for her dirty Chai pancakes, Laura, believes in producing her own ingredients for her recipes.

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This blog is famous for fresh, flavorful, (mostly) healthy recipes.

This blog is a sunshine! And by sunshine I mean full of positivity. It adds more color to her recipes!

Another family-oriented blog. This is a good thing because it would simply mean that the recipes here will for sure be a general patronage.

Wives are I guess best in making food blogs. In this blog, 2 moms are sharing their skills in cooking and they are having fun while taking care of everything within the family!

Our blogger here wants to remind us that nourishment starts from the kitchen, and if you wanna know how she does it, then checking on her site is the best thing to do now.

I just can't let this blog pass me by. The title name alone is already telling me to check on it. How about you? You better check why people would say the word "orgasmic" after they had a meal with Maureen's cooking.

A believer that anyone can be a cook and that cooking for dinner can be done in less than an hour.

This is a blog that digs deeper to why and how a food should be done. So if you are feeling like you wanna dive into some serious cooking, then try reading this.

Our blogger here said that her recipes are scary. That's scary to reject. We better read this one,

Breakfast is the meal where all the recipes revolve in this blog.

Blog with butter as it's main star. All recipes are either glazed or immersed with real butter.

This blog specializes with cakes. And wedding cakes are one of their best-seller.

Healthy cook who also became a teacher, yet never left cooking aside. This is what we call passion.

A blog that focuses on the family oriented readers. You'll find simple dishes that when cooked properly, can turn your simple meals into a feast.

If you love adding fun into your recipes or in your cooking, then I believe that you should take a look at this blog. Simply inspired with love.

Meticulously made recipe. And incorporated within the blog are videos on how things are cooked into perfection.

Of course, anyone can cook, but for divas, I guess I have to think on what they would cook? But kidding aside, this one's an exciting blog since it's going to make us see on the kinds of recipe divas could actually offer.

Well, no one can say no to affordable meals right? So let me give this blog that would not stretch your budget but still have same experience as if eating an expensive one.

Foodista is a blog that seriously took their ability to see the goodness of fruits and other organic food into a higher level.

Preparing any meal, and checking on your wallet from time to time? Then this blog might be your savior. Check it out now.

For the love of chocolates, I will honestly read this blog. It's all about chocolates! Ain't that sweet enough for you?

A mblogger who saw food and eating as a routine. But realization came to him and made him rethink on his percetion of food.

A mom who simply wants to share her day to day story through blogging. And food is not an exception here.

Another intimate blogging, from a restaurant chef, into a mom, and still a chef.

Family oriented recipes, that focuses on fresh ingredients, the southern style.

This blog contains not only easy to cook recipes but also on so many things inside a home. Something that I believe wives would surely enjoy.

The blogger simply loves eating dessert, and has special space in her heart and stomach for chocolates

A simple house wife who truned her boring hours at home productive by cooking, and sharing it through her blogs.

Here is a blogger that knows how to give back to the fans or readers by giving them a chance to communicate with her. Believer of freshly cooked food.

Video tutorials are incorporated in this blog, to make cooking easier. Just generous I can say!

This is a Filipino style cooking. So if you wanna have a taste of the Philippine cuisine, it would be great to read this blog.

A soldier's wife writes on this blog. So just imagine how focused she is on her thing when we all know that a soldier's wife is usually alone. This a fun and focused blog for the love of food.

Nothing is more sweeter than a couple who has same passion in cooking. Read and enjoy how these two became even more connected as they cooked things healthy.

Now this might lead into thinking that this is a beauty regimen, but no. This blog would show us the beauty on a simpler way of cooking. Lesser expensive. Extracting the beauty of cooking only.

Being a mother of two did not stop our blogger from bring her creativity from art to cooking. Just like painting on your face, she can also handle cooking like a flour on her face!

I guess our list would never be enough with anything from Korea. After all their way of cooking is simply healthy-licious.

Cooking all in Sichuan style, this blog is inspired by the blogger's mom and grand mother. The Chinese tradition on cooking is here.

Fun is the core of this blog. So if your cooking is a bit a routine and boring, then this blog will see to it that you'll see joy in each dish you make.

If you don't want to break your baking, our blog here will teach you on how to make it easy, and the blogger is very famous for her 5 steps baking.

She honestly tells her blog readers that she is not a perfect cook, but when she does something perfect, she shares it. Let us join her successful dishes.

A health conscious mom in the blog. But she won't discount quality on it. So if sugar is a big issue for you, learn from our dear blogger here.

Meet the woman who has the confidence of telling the world how her beginnings as a cook were so simple. See her simple ways that made it big today!

Have you ever heard of a grain-free diet? Then if you wanna know more, save more, live more then try out this blog for a better you.

I can say that our blogger here is a "trier". She is never afraid to try. And if international dinning experience is what you're looking for, then this blogger is for you.

Having most of her childhood spent with loving grand parents, our blogger made her cravings not only hers but also to her readers.

A couple that love fruits, fresh and natural. I think I can say that they are more of the plant based lovers.

Specializing in pork meat on their dishes, this blog is an instant favorite of mine.

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