At 99 Robots, we stay away from social media growth as a service so we can focus on PPC Management, specifically:

  • AdWords Management
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Amazon Advertising (sponsored products and headline search ads)

Now that Instagram has crossed the 1 Billion user milestone, everyone’s trying to get on the bandwagon and take advantage of the amazing platform. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to grow on Instagram and has lately become more difficult. Rather than fall victim to yet another shady bot-driven provider that may get your account suppressed or banned, work directly with the best Instagram growth agency.

Our CEO and a few friends have created Ampfluence – the best Instagram growth service on the entire web.

The Ampfluence team helps grow your followers on Instagram by targeting relevant people. They take care of the grunt work that’s super time-consuming – the following / unfollowing, liking, etc. Naturally, these daily activities result in more followers and engagement in a much quicker timeframe. You, as the client, would just keep doing what you’re doing – post quality images and engage with your followers.

Ampfluence takes your inputs and analyzes the Instagram landscape. This includes doing research to target accounts that are likely to follow you and engage.

  • They identify followers of your competitors
  • They identify followers of similar accounts
  • They identify followers based on #hashtags specific to your niche / interests (i.e., Yoga, Travel, etc)
  • They identify followers based on a specific region

One can only imagine how tedious and time-consuming this type of work is to do manually. Luckily, the team there handles such activities daily.

The most important aspects of a genuine Instagram growth service are baked into Ampfluence’s DNA:

  • Ampfluence never uses bots or automation. Every action is performed by an actual human unlike 99% of the other providers in the industry.
  • They are discreet, secure, and don’t publicize their clients, unlike other services. For example, they work on accounts of all sizes across various niches:
    • corporate accounts – large companies and brands that you’d recognize use Ampfluence.
    • social media agencies – several other agencies are already relying on them.
    • influencers and bloggers – anyone who treats their account like a business
    • small businesses – photographers, interior designers, venues, etc.
  • They work with accounts that want to grow the legitimate way without violating Instagram’s terms of services. 99% of all other providers can’t say that because they’re all essentially bots behind-the-scenes.
  • They’re a USA based company that’s actually transparent about how they operate. They have international team members that carry out daily activities.
  • They stand behind their service. If they can’t grow your account, they’ll let you know without any b.s. Though, if this is the case, your account is already dead.

Think of it as hiring a virtual team that is only focused on your Instagram account. While other Instagram growth services are masquerading as being genuine, it’s clear they’re just using bots. So if you’re in the market for a trustworthy team to manage your Instagram growth, then contact the Ampfluence team.

The Ampfluence reviews we’ve seen and heard from real companies are all amazing. Give them a shout and review Ampfluence for yourself. No bots. No gimmicks. 

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