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With the tight competition of similar products on Amazon, it is important to be conscious of how to get your listings on top. Failing to do so can make a huge impact on your sales and impressions. One of the great Amazon seller mysteries is Amazon Sales Rank aka the Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR) or Best Seller List.

Online shoppers don’t have the patience to scroll through product pages and pages. Getting your product on the first page is a great advantage to increase sales and will save you advertising money.

The more sales you get = higher product ranking. 

In today’s article, we will guide you on what Amazon Best Sellers Rank is all about, and why it is important for you to be aware of your product rankings.   

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Also known for its acronym BSR, Best Sellers Rank is what its name says – a ranking of products based on how well it sells in Amazon under the same category. The best selling product is ranked #1, while the second best-selling product is ranked #2, and so forth. 

With these rankings, you can identify which products have a higher ranking than yours. 

Specifically, BSR assigns each product with a score, it specifies where that Amazon product ranks within the categories and subcategories it is listed in.

BSR is found on product details. As you can see, there are two rankings associated with the product. 

The first ranking is the product’s rank for the main category it belongs to.

While the second-ranking is the product’s rank under the sub-category. 

That means the main category of the product is “Beauty and Personal Care”. Then, its sub-category is “Body Mud”. 

How is Sales Rank calculated?

Until the present, Amazon doesn’t reveal their formula on how the products are ranked. Although it is important to note that sales volume is a major factor for its ranking. 

It’s still unclear about what time duration or period Amazon uses to rank the products. Some speculations claim it’s the sales from the last 12 to 24 hours. 

One important thing to take note of is that Amazon takes into account the history of purchases in the ranking. It was still unknown what time period Amazon includes to rank the products accordingly. 

It is also unknown how much impact earlier purchases have on the calculation. We can assume that recent purchases have a bigger influence compared to purchases made some time ago. For example: 

Purchases from 1 week ago have less impact compared to purchases made 1 day ago. In that case, we can assume that if seller A has more purchases from 8 days ago but has fewer purchases for the past 3 days, and seller B has more purchases for the last 48 hours compared to seller A. Then, seller B’s product is ranked higher compared to seller A. 

Why do Sales Rank Increase or Fluctuate?

Always remember that sales rank is not updated in real-time. Top 10,000 products under the main category are updated hourly, while products from 10,001 – 100,000 are updated daily. Products over 100k are re-calculated monthly. Therefore, one purchase of your product in a day won’t make much impact on the rankings. 

How to Use Amazon Sales Rank?

You can leverage your product sales rank by: 

Competitor Research

It is not a new strategy to gather information about your competitors. Monitoring your competitor’s performance is a good way to determine what improvements your product needs to get it rank higher. Study the products that rank higher than you, check out the listing, product title, product details, these products might rank higher than you because they have SEO title and details of the product compared to you. 

Improving Your Amazon Sales Rank

The best and only way to get your sales rank higher is through sales. The best strategy to get your product to generate sales is to be more visible in the search results. You can be more visible in Amazon’s search results through:

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Investing in Amazon Sponsored Ads is a great strategy to get your product more visible in search results. Amazon Sponsored Products are image ads that are served across the marketplace, including within the organic search results. 

Sponsored Ads allows you to bid on certain keywords to ensure that your listings will appear on the most relevant search queries.

Use Compelling Product Images

Using good product images is also a factor in getting sales with your Amazon products. Use high-resolution images that showcase the product at different angles. 

You may also include some zoom-in shots to let the customers see more details about your product. The higher the quality of product images the better. 

Get More Product Reviews

Product reviews impact a customer’s point of view about whether to purchase your product or not. Product with high ratings can influence your sales and also your ranking. It takes more effort to get high ranking reviews as some customers are not participating in leaving feedback to your product unless they have a bad experience. 

Amazon is the largest shopping space right now, it is important to be conscious of your product’s performance inside the platform. With that said, BSR is a great way to get your product’s sales to improve.

Do you have a strategy for getting more sales of your product? Drop a comment below and share your ideas! If you need help with your sponsored product ads, please check out one of our affordable Amazon PPC management plans here.

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