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Amazon is the leading search engine for product searches. Many people use it for online shopping and researching products. Thus, as entrepreneurs, showing your product ads on right keyword searches is your best way to reach your target customers on Amazon. However, the only thing that you can’t control in marketing your products is on how the minds of people work. Customers search on Amazon in very different ways. Majority of their searches would be product or brand based. Can you imagine if you are able to capture the attention of just a small percentage of the millions of visitors on Amazon? It would be challenging and it takes mental effort, but definitely possible. Amazon is a great place for sellers, but it is also highly competitive.

The best reason why Keyword Research is important on Amazon is to increase your chances of getting sales. By advertising on Amazon, you will end up selling more, earn more reviews and ratings and all of these collectively help increase your organic rankings. The best way to increase your chances of getting a sale is by making sure that your products can be easily searched and found on Amazon. You will need to use relevant keywords and optimize your Amazon listing well. 

Importance of Search Intent

There are reasons why Amazon doesn’t show you home interior equipment when you search for office supplies. That’s because nobody wants to use a search engine that populates the results with irrelevant products. Amazon keywords are essential, without strong keyword practices, your keyword listing will be irrelevant. Before we get into different ways to do Keyword Research, it is essential to mention the importance of keyword intent. Search intent, or also known as keyword intent, is the ultimate goal of the person using a search query. Being able to understand your prospect’s intent is critical to being successful at keyword research and search marketing in general. 

How to do Amazon Keyword Research

If you want to be successful in Amazon, you have to conduct Keyword Research. The goal is to compile a list of keywords for each product, thus maximizing the number of search queries that trigger your product listing and making your product visible as possible in Amazon search results. We have identified 3 simple ways to conduct Keyword Research that will help you to generate relevant ones.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword research software that is designed for users who handle multiple online marketplaces. This tool includes seven products: Amazon, eBay, Youtube, Google Autocomplete, Etsy, Bing, and Google Shopping. To know more about the details of this tool, check it here.  

Simply type the target keyword you want and choose the specific target location, then the tool will generate more keywords that are frequently searched by consumers. This tool includes features such as;  keyword ranking, real-time keyword suggestions, niche, and long-tail keywords. 

Amazon Search Bar

Another tool that is very useful is the Amazon search bar. When you begin to enter a search query, Amazon suggests keywords or products other consumers frequently search for. This is a great tactic that gives you a free snapshot of how your prospects actually use Amazon in searching for products. Choose keywords that are relevant to the product that you are endorsing.

Amazon Seller Central

The last combination in searching for relevant keywords is to use the Amazon Seller Central. The same way with Amazon search bar, this is a free tool that you are using most of the time in doing Amazon PPC. When you Create Campaigns and Ad Groups inside the Seller Central, it requires you to add Keywords at the same time. And, you can use this as a technique to generate more suggested keywords. Simply type your target keyword on the box, and get the relevant suggested keywords. Simple right?

After meticulously combining these three ways through the suggested queries, you’ll have yourself a strong list of initial keywords to use in. Clearly, use relevant keywords that are relevant to your product. If you are advertising “fashion sunglasses”, then you will not use keywords that are related to “reading eyeglasses” or “sports glasses”. 

Final Words

With the right Amazon Keyword Research strategy and right tools, you’ll make your products visible to more relevant and targeted prospects ever. Don’t be stuck in one-time research, but continue to look for relevant keywords. As you visit the performance of your target keywords, look for the keywords that are converting well and that are not. This way, you can identify the target keyword and use the tools mentioned above to generate more relevant keywords. A good keyword research yields visibility. The more clicks, the more is the conversion. That is the goal! What are the other tools that you are using also in Amazon Keyword Research? We would love to hear your insights as well. 

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