How to Use the Different Keyword Match Types on Amazon PPC

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Keyword match types available with Amazon Ads are broad, phrase, and exact match types. These match types define how your keyword will be matched with search queries of your prospects to show your ads. Let’s take each of these match types individually and understand how they behave.

Broad Match Type

With Broad Match, your target keyword will match the prospect’s search query, even if it not types exactly but has a similar meaning. This may include synonyms of the word, misspellings, variations, or words written in a different order. This match type is used to maximize your reach with your target keyword. It is less restrictive of all match types since it matches a wider range of search terms and reaches out to a larger audience comparatively. For instance, the keyword “mobile case” will match with search terms such as “mobile case”, “mobile cover”, “cell phone cover”, or even “iPhone case”.

Phrase Match Type

With Phrase Match, the targeting is more precise than Broad Match Type. Amazon will show your ads when your target keyword matches or its part of the prospect’s search query in the same order. For instance, if you place “mobile case” in phrase match, Amazon will show your ad when search queries are “cheap mobile case”,  or “mobile case with new designs”. Notice that in every search query your target keyword is part of it. 

Exact Match Type

With Exact Match, Amazon will show your ads when prospect’s search query matches exactly with your target keyword. This is the most restrictive form of match types as it matches exactly. So when your prospect searches on Amazon by typing exactly “mobile case”, then your ad will show up. Your ad will not show with something similar. In here, the targeting is precise but with limited reach.

This table will illustrate the variety of search terms generated by each keyword match type.

✔ Keyword: Mobile Case Keyword Match Type
Customer Search Terms Broad Phrase Exact
mobile case
cheap mobile case
new mobile design case
Shoe case

When to Use Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match Types on Amazon Ads

When it comes to Amazon Advertising, the keyword match types will help you make small adjustments into which customer search queries your ads are eligible to show against. Broad match keywords should be used to expand your keyword coverage and increase the reach and exposure of your campaign. If you are still starting your campaign, you can use the Broad Match Type to expand the reach of your product ads among the shoppers inside Amazon. 

Using phrase match, as mentioned above, your ad will show when someone searches for the exact keyword or your exact keyword is part of the word sequence. This can be used to reach more shoppers while still allowing for optimized targeting since the reach is more restrictive compared to broad match type. 

Exact match types will be used for more relevant targeting, therefore in these keywords, you will also be bidding higher. These match types are intended to deliver ads to an extremely targeted set of shoppers. 

Ideally, you should start with different ad groups for each keyword match types and test which match types deliver the best results. As expected, Exact match type will deliver the lowest ACoS but your reach will be limited. You might see controlled ACoS on Phrase match type and relatively better reach with the audience. The Broad match type is recommended for keyword discovery as it helps to discover more search terms to use as target keywords, depending upon their performance.

The different keyword match types on Amazon is a key consideration when creating your initial keyword list and it will help you guarantee that you are not missing out any potential strong performers. Experimentation is critical when it comes to optimizing your keyword research process. Be sure that your keywords are relevant. Understanding the keyword match types on Amazon can be difficult, but the easiest way to understand it is to run your own ads.

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