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If you plan to start a business in 2020, you don’t just start right away but you gather information first from colleagues and even competitors. If you want to improve your self-growth, you gather data from the internet and search for data related to it. In doing research, no one would want to find irrelevant data, right? We always look for data that is relevant and meaningful. 

Thanks to search engines, we always find the data we are looking for. It makes our lives easier and it quenches our never-ending curiosity for information. It’s hard to imagine nowadays if we don’t have easy access to information. Google has become synonymous with the internet. It has given us access to a ton of information. As a Google marketer, you want to understand your PPC and SEO efforts. This article enables you to make well-informed decisions based on user behaviors, internet search trends, and simply, facts about Google search statistics. 

20 General Google Search Statistics

In 2020, is the # 1 most popular website in both the global market and in the U.S. This is certainly not a surprise since Google is the most visited website. It has been visited 77.86 billion times (SimilarWeb, 2019). 

Google now processes over 40, 000 search queries every second on average, which translates over to 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. (Internet Live Stats)

From the time of the initial query to the loading of the search results page and the selection of any results, plus any back button clicks to those SERPs and selection of new results, the all-in average Google search session was just under 1 minute. (Moz)

On desktop, Google has the most visitors from the following countries as of November 2019 analysis: (SimilarWeb)

  1. US: 25.85%
  2. Brazil: 5.01%
  3. India: 4.32%
  4. United Kingdom: 3.98%
  5. France: 3.39% 

The Top 5 Organic Keywords that drive desktop traffic for Google (SimilarWeb)

  1. “gmail”
  2. “google”
  3. “google maps”
  4. “google translate”
  5. “google drive”

Top 5 Paid keywords that are used to find Google (SimilarWeb)

  1. “google ads”
  2. “google play”
  3. “play store”
  4. “google shopping”
  5. “google drive”

Youtube is the # 1 social network that sends traffic the most (64.85%) and followed by Facebook with 18.72% traffic. (SimilarWeb)

Google has a market share of 87.96 percent as of October 2019, in which the majority of its revenue comes from advertising. (Statista)

Users who visited Google are interested in these top 5 categories: (SimilarWeb)

  1. Computers Electronics And Technology – Social Networks And Online Communities
  2. News and Media
  3. Ecommerce and Shopping
  4. Arts and Entertainment (TV Movies and streaming)
  5. Computers Electronics And Technology – Programming and Developer Software

Top 5 websites visited by users: (SimilarWeb)


List of relevant topics to visitors. The bigger the word, the more popular topics are. (SimilarWeb)

As of June 2019, was the most-targeted website with over to 68 million URLs requested to be removed from Google Search during the measured period. (Statista)

66% of distinct search queries resulted in one or more clicks on Google’s results. That means 34% of searches get no clicks at all. (Moz)

A typical searcher uses about 3 words in their search query. Desktop users have a slightly higher query length than mobile. (Moz)

When people search on Google, 36% of their searches are based on location.

Full 18% of queries on Google lead to a change in the search query without clicking any results. (Moz) Quite big! One of the possible reasons why Google made the “People Also Ask” section on the search result page.

Consumers who clicked on an advertiser’s Google search ad prior to visiting a store spend over 10% more, on average.

Customers who visit a website after clicking on a PPC ad are 50% more likely to make a purchase compared to visitors who clicked on an organic search result.

More than 50% of all web traffic is on smartphones and mobile devices. When it comes to the United States, 63% of Google’s visits are via a mobile device. 

In doing mobile marketing, Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google, designed to bring up relevant information related to objects it identifies using visual analysis based on a neural network.

These are just the basics of Google Search Statistics data and there’s still a lot more! With the variety of information and trends, we can say that Search Engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If you want to grow your business effectively, then you have to let the users know that you exist. Take advantage of how SEM will put up your ads to motivated customers who are ready to buy at that precise moment. Get your marketing goals clear this 2020! 

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