Sure Facebook is the go to place for sharing biting memes when someone needs to vent about his or her ex, but now that Facebook is becoming a crucial marketing tool, businesses need to understand the marketing side of Facebook and what the best practices are for advertising on this platform. The great things about Facebook advertising is that anyone with a profile and a credit card can become a Facebook advertiser, but that does not mean that everyone is a successful Facebook advertiser. Here are five things to know about advertising on Facebook.

Business Fan Pages

One of the first steps is to set up a Facebook Fan Page for the business or brand. This is the easiest step and, in most cases, only takes about two minutes to set up. Click the Create Page tab, which can be found on the left hand menu of the profile screen. The fan page should include a short description of what is being promoted, an engaging cover photo, and a link to the business’s website.

Target Your Audience

Identifying the target market is one of the most important aspects of Facebook advertising. Too many business owners leave up to fate when they should be targeting specific demographics. Successful online marketing is all about niches. Even though it may be tempting to try and “reach the world,” there is far greater and quicker success when companies zero in on one particular niche and focus marketing efforts on that specific group. A niche group should be clearly defined by age, gender, and other demographic markers that help to tightly focus marketing efforts.

Know Your Goal

Set a specific marketing goal for the marketing campaign. Some goal examples might be to get a customer to buy a specific product, get users to call to find out more about services, or to get people to sign up for newsletters in order to build contacts. The Facebook advertisement page is used to direct people to the landing page of the business’s site where the visitor fulfils the goal of the ad. But that goal must first be clearly defined. The Facebook ad is just the hook. The real work is accomplished on the website. Before executing Facebook advertising efforts, make sure the website is ready to accomplish what it was made for.

Split Test

Split test is a marketing term used to describe the trial and error process in the world of advertising. A split test involves creating a few different ad approaches in order to see which one works best. When conducting a split test, use the A.I.D.A rule. Attention- grab people’s attention with the headline. Interest- use limited information to make the audience want to learn more. Decision- make it clear what decision the audience should make. Action- make sure that the last thing the audience sees is a call to action such as: Call Now, Apply Here, Buy Now, etc.

Measure Your Success

It does not really matter what the goal is, unless it is measured. It can easily be determined what kind of difference Facebook advertising is making by using Facebook’s conversion tracking. This system helps to measure real results. These tools can help businesses analyze relevant information about the ads it runs. The tools help to understand which ads are performing the best on desk top or mobile, which demographic groups are responding, and other important information.

Facebook advertising can be very beneficial to business and help them to connect to customers in a new way. But it has to be done right. By utilizing these five concepts, you can have Facebook sending customers your way in no time at all.

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