Like blogging, the podcast has resurfaced as a wonderful marketing and educational tool that can help entrepreneurs, business owners and online marketers learn more and share more in their industry. The podcast brings experts right to your laptop with all of their experience, ideas and perspectives. Podcasts are helpful to the remote entrepreneur, because she can download the file and listen while completing other tasks. Aah, the joys of remote work.

Business and marketing podcasts are some of the most popular topics, so they are readily available. Look for a host that is at the top of her own game and successfully running a business in the industry of your choice.

All In: Elevating Your Leadership Game

Alicia Dunams hosts this podcast. She and her guests help business owners improve their businesses from a public relations standpoint. Alicia and her staff understand the struggles that new business owners face in managing their crew and how crucial leadership skills are to final success. This podcast offers solid advice on the best ways to manage staff.

As Told By Nomads

Tayo Rockson hosts this podcast on marketing. He has the expertise to offer advice in the business domain. Those looking to market their companies and get solid results should definitely listen to what Tayo and his staff have to offer. They will help you think outside the box and use a smart point of view in running your business with a stellar marketing plan. Tayo Rockson truly embraces the new generation of entrepreneurs, business nomads and those seeking out an income through gig life initiatives. He helps these individuals see that they are not alone in their dreams of alternate income and free form living.

John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire

This is a great podcast for young entrepreneurs looking for a fresh take on their business situations. This podcast airs seven days a week telling the stories of business owners who have figured out how to take their businesses to the next level. John Dumas also helps people who need assistance with their new businesses. Another great aspect of his podcast and his website is that he really encourages a community atmosphere in Fire Nation as he calls it. Business owners can find support and encouragement from others.

This Is Your Life

Michael Hyatt has established himself as an international guru of marketing advice, self-improvement and self-employment. His brilliant online marketing initiatives have made him a household name and he delights in helping others find freedom in self-employment and self-improvement. The goal of his podcast is to help you become the best leader you can be. This is Your Life takes leadership and business management to the next level.

Learning with Leslie

Leslie Samuel hosts this podcast on the challenges of starting a business. Leslie takes what he has learned himself and adds in tips on building your website, marketing yourself and even leadership issues once you are ready to take on a staff. Another great aspect is the companion courses that Leslie offers through his site to help individuals learn how to better market themselves through online marketing avenues like blogging.



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