Facebook Rolls Out Video Poll Ads & Click to Message from Story Ads

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Facebook ads are loved by many advertisers due to its continuous innovation. When you thought it’s enough, Facebook adds minor details that can make your advertisements more interactive and engaging. We’re not just talking about simple comments and likes here. 

In fact, Facebook users can now send messages through Story ads and even participate in polls through video ads. Cool isn’t it?

To date, over 3 million advertisers have purchased Story ads showing the potential it has to create better engagement with the audience. These opportunities are critical in creating a rich environment for brand awareness and loyalty. It further shows Facebook’s view as the value of messaging brings to better connect brands and consumers.

How Sending Messages in Story Ads Work

Users can just swipe up on a Story ad with “Send Message” as the call to action to start a conversation with the business or page without leaving the app they’re currently in. 

What’s In It for Advertisers if They Use FB Story Ads

This feature allows advertisers to add more engagements for Facebook businesses. FB Story ads are recommended for businesses that are doing brand campaigns, or with the longer conversion process. 

This integration is applicable to Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram apps. 




Video Poll Ads 

With the great success of poll stickers on Instagram, Facebook launched an integration that will drive more engagements and make the ads more interactive. 

In fact, using polls in video ad provides more brand awareness and conversions. Not only are you allowing your audience to participate in an activity but you are also creating a connection between your target audience through the video polls. This type of engagement gives the user a more personable connection to the brand. The more interactions a user has with the brand, the more likely they are to purchase or be loyal to the brand. 

Facebook stated that five out of nine brand lift studies that poll ads increased brand awareness compared to a simple video ad, and that’s about 50% boost!

Polls will not only boost interactions within your ad, it will also provide important data of the target audience demand or sentiments with the current line of products or services a business offers. 

The latest Facebook ad integrations expand the field for mobile advertisers. New formats for story ads and video polls ads are designed to increase the engagement. This creates more human interaction between advertisers and potential customers and differentiates their business brand from its competitors. 

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