Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization Best Practices

Setting up and running Amazon PPC Campaigns is designed to be easy. However, getting the performance out of these campaigns at a profitable ACoS requires knowledge and expertise about Amazon advertising and a process driven approach. Here are some best practices to get you started: Make Use Of Both Automatic And Manual Campaign Types Both […]

Top 10 Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization Mistakes To Avoid

Setting up your Amazon PPC campaigns with an optimal structure is just the beginning. Optimization of these campaigns is where the magic happens. However, many Amazon PPC experts, consultants, and even Amazon advertising agencies make the mistake of either not optimizing these campaigns at all or do it the wrong way. In either case, the […]

Should You Invest More on Digital Marketing vs a Sales Team

Marketing leaders often face this dilemma – Should we invest more in improving our digital presence or hire more salesmen to get more sales? The answer couldn’t be more obvious for digital startups and tech-savvy marketers. However, we still have our old-school folks who still don’t see enough merit in improving digital presence and they […]

Are Facebook Ads Effective to Advertise Amazon Product Listings?

Have you considered advertising your Amazon products on Facebook? While advertising your products on Amazon is great, competition is increasing fast and driving CPCs and ACoS higher. Therefore, Amazon sellers must rethink their marketing strategy that goes beyond Amazon. Facebook offers a pretty diverse advertising platform and sellers can use this platform to quickly generate […]

Hiring An Amazon PPC Agency? 10 Questions To Ask

Hiring a digital agency to manage your Amazon PPC Campaigns is a great business decision, as it helps you focus on growing your business. However, hiring an unfit agency partner can be equally counter-productive. While the primary goal of every Amazon seller out there (including you) is to sell as many products as possible with […]

Amazon SEO – How To Optimize Amazon Product Listings For Top Rankings

So you have listed your products on Amazon and are expecting some sales to happen? That’s most likely not going to happen unless you do Amazon SEO or Amazon PPC or both to help sell your products. While Amazon PPC can cost you every time someone clicks on your listing, getting your products ranked organically […]

Amazon PPC Checklist For Amazon Sellers

Amazon Advertising is a blessing for Amazon Sellers. No other advertising platform offers ready-to-buy customers for your products and smart Amazon sellers are making a killing with Amazon PPC Ads. Search for anything on Amazon and chances are good that you will see at least 3 or more product listings marked as “sponsored product”. However, […]

How To Optimize ACoS On Amazon Advertising Campaigns

As a seller, you may find it easy to set up and run your ads on Amazon Advertising. However, unless you are optimizing ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) of your campaigns, you might find it easier to spend more than profit margin and make a net loss. Don’t be that seller, read on. So What […]

How to Calculate the Target CPA / CPL

Starting to run PPC ads on Google Adwords / Bing Ads is super easy.  All you need is the intent and a few minutes from your schedule to set up an account with Google / Microsoft. Making sure these ads lead to the best results for your business might just not be so simple though. […]