Have you considered advertising your Amazon products on Facebook? While advertising your products on Amazon is great, competition is increasing fast and driving CPCs and ACoS higher. Therefore, Amazon sellers must rethink their marketing strategy that goes beyond Amazon.

Facebook offers a pretty diverse advertising platform and sellers can use this platform to quickly generate awareness for their brand and products as well as drive more sales, higher organic rankings and even some sizable edge over your competitors.

However, there are some disadvantages of advertising your Amazon product listings as well and unless you are strategic about it, you could easily burn money on Facebook Ads without getting a positive return on your investment (ROI).

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Advantages of Advertising Amazon Products on Facebook

Advertising your Amazon product listings on Facebook needs some strategic thinking and planning. Here are some advantages:

  • Access To A Larger Target Audience Base
    Needless to say that Facebook is the largest social network today and chances are that you could find almost every prospect you wanted to target in this virtual social country. So if your go to market strategy is aggressive enough with a marketing budget to support it, then advertising your Amazon products on Facebook will make great sense. Keep in mind though your target customers are on Facebook are not looking specifically to buy your products so there is a fair bit of nurturing required to convert them into your customers.
  • Advantage Over Competing Sellers on Amazon
    Majority of your competing sellers are only relying on Amazon organic listings or at best, Amazon PPC Ads to sell their products. You might just be the first mover to advertise your products on Amazon and provided it works well, you could sail ahead of your competitors.
  • Organic Rankings And Sales May Increase
    Once you bring additional traffic to your product listings, this may result in increasing your organic rankings, more reviews as well sales.
  • Product Sales Cycle May Reduce
    When you start selling on Amazon, especially when you have a new brand or product range, prospects may take time before shifting away from competing brands or products. As a result, you may see lesser sales and higher ACoS on your Amazon PPC campaigns.
    By Advertising on Facebook, you can fill this gap by introducing your products to the target audience, educating them about the benefits and then moving them over to Amazon. This increased awareness may help convert more sales on your Amazon listings.
  • Facebook Ads Are Cost Effective
    Certain products and categories have already become highly competitive and CPC bids estimates are skyrocketing. In case, your products fall into this category then in comparison Facebook Ads may turn out to be much more cost effective.

Disadvantages of Advertising Your Products on Facebook

Advertising your Amazon product listings on Facebook can turn out to be disastrous unless planned and executed well. Here are some things to be careful about:

  • Conversions Can’t Be Tracked
    Since there is no way to place conversion tracking pixels on Amazon (of course you can’t on their website), the conversions can’t be tracked. This may limit your ability to see how your Facebook traffic performs on Amazon listings.
  • Retargeting Isn’t Possible
    Likewise, the retargeting pixels can’t be placed on your Amazon listing, store, add to cart or checkout pages, therefore retargeting ads can’t be done on Facebook for your Amazon listings.
  • Facebook Traffic May Not Convert Directly Into Sales
    Users on Facebook are not there to buy your product but to socialize with their friends and family. Therefore, no matter how well you run your Facebook Ads for Amazon listings, there are very little chances users will directly buy your products. Not exactly a disadvantage if you strategically plan your Facebook Ads strategy but yet good to remember to avoid disappointments.

Therefore, as a seller, you must approach Facebook advertising differently. On Amazon, you have customers looking to buy products, but on Facebook, your target audience isn’t doing that. Instead, they are socializing, having fun conversations and connecting with their friends and family.

So to get their attention, you have got to be a bit disruptive with your Facebook Advertising Strategy. We often come across Amazon sellers who would, like most other businesses on Facebook:

  • Create A Facebook Page
  • Post their products with nice pictures on their page
  • Promote these product posts with ads
  • Some would even run ads to get likes on their Facebook Page

They may get some likes on their Facebook as well as on their product posts. However, this would hardly ever result in sales. They couldn’t tell either, because remember, you can’t track conversions when you drive people from ads on your Facebook to your Amazon product listing pages. More often than not, this results in wasted money with Facebook Ads.

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