99 Resources For Facebook Ads Beginner

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Are you a beginner when it comes to advertising on Facebook? Not quite sure where to begin? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this article will be perfect for you. The world of Facebook advertising can be incredibly confusing and quite discouraging if you don’t know its main aspects. The good thing is, there is absolutely no need to worry. Listed below are 99 different and unique resources that will help you build a strong framework of information that you will be able to build off of. With resources ranging from Facebook groups you should join to chrome extensions that will make your life easier, this list will act as a valuable source for all things advertising. Good luck, and have fun exploring!



1. Facebook Blueprint (Course)

This is a 100% free course created by Facebook to help you build a strong foundation in Facebook Advertising. It will also begin to teach you the basics, such as how you can create an ad that will target your demographic. There are different levels in difficulty depending on how familiar you are with using Facebook Ads, so as you start to understand things a little better, you can try harder courses. Eventually, once you feel ready, you can take the Blueprint verification course, it may prove to be difficult but it is definitely worth it.

2. Facebook Ads Help Center (Website)

This is a Facebook run webpage that acts as a basic FAQ for all things ads. This is where you can research specific questions you had while taking the Blueprint course. Or if you don’t feel like going through the entire course this can act as a substitute, although I would still recommend you take the Blueprint course. This is a free web page that I think could really help any beginner.


3. The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising 2019 By AdEspresso (Guide)

This Facebook advertising guide is for beginners and is designed to help you with everything you need to know in order to get your first Facebook ad campaign up and running. Being that it is only eight chapters long, this guide should not prove to be all that difficult to get through. Also, feel free to skip around the chapters if you feel like you are already confident in something. The best part about this guide is that it is totally free and jam-packed with information.

4. The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook: Strategies That Convert [in 2019] (Guide)

This guide will teach you the basics of Facebook advertising and lay a good groundwork to build off of. This guide is comprised of four chapters with chapter one covering the basics of Facebook ad campaigns and chapter four describing the eight best Facebook advertising tools and services for e-commerce brands. This guide is one hundred percent free, but it will recommend some tools and services which are not.

5. Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes 2019 | The Easy Guide (Guide)

This guide outlines all of the different specs for all the different types of ads you can run on Facebook. If you want to make sure that your ads are customized impeccably for your desired platform, I would highly recommend using this guide. It is completely free and does a fantastic job explaining what you need to know.

6. Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide For Businesses (Guide)

This is a guide, packed with all of the information any beginner would ever need to get started with Facebook ads. This guide will touch on essential information such as, setting up a business manager account, install the Facebook pixel, and much more. Although it was originally written in 2018, the author recently went back and updated and edited it for 2019. This is a great free resource any newbie should take advantage of.

7. Facebook Ads Best Practices of 2019 – The Ultimate Guide (Guide)

This guide is jam-packed with relevant information any newbie would need. It goes into detail why Facebook is the best marketing tool available these days as well as the best practices you should use when creating an ad. This free guide is not something I would take for granted.

8. The Ultimate Guide to Optimize Facebook Ads (Guide)

This simple blog breaks down what exactly a Facebook ad is and why everyone should take advantage of it. It also touches on what things are necessary in terms of getting customers to convert. This free blog is a great resource that you can return to at any time if you are ever confused

9. Facebook Advertising: The Ultimate Guide with Examples (Guide)

This expansive guide will touch on things such as ad placement and budget, formatting, and how to check your performance. It will literally take you through each step of the advertising process and go into detail when explaining it. This is by far one of the most essential resources for a Facebook ads newbie, not to mention it’s completely free.

10. A Step-By-Step Guide to Facebook Ads for Beginners (Guide)

This is another step-by-step guide that will bring you through almost every part of the Facebook ads process. The seven-step guide demonstrates and provides a plethora of information on each specific step. Although it says it may only take you seventeen minutes to read through, I would suggest spending as much time as possible with this free guide.

11. The Evergreen Guide to Launching a Facebook Advertising Strategy (Guide)

This guide offers up some great advice as to what you should be doing while launching an advertising strategy. The author also presents some great tips and tricks to not only get started but help people recover from bad Facebook advertising and get back on the right track. With the reading time at only around ten minutes, this should be an easy and informative read.

12. Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners (Guide) 

Yet another fantastic free guide provided by the man himself, Neil Patel. In this guide, he will help you find your best marketing opportunities on the world’s biggest social network, Facebook. In this guide, he emphasizes that if you spend time learning Facebook marketing, it will be worth the investment. As a newbie in the Facebook ads world, you won’t find much better and quality information than this.


13. 13 of the Best Facebook Ad Examples That Actually Work (And Why) (Blog)

This blog uses real thirteen real-life advertisements as examples of ads that worked in the real world. The author also explains why each ad was so successful and how you can be too. This free blog post is around a twenty-seven minute read with a lot of interesting information to take in.

14. How to foolproof your Facebook advertising strategy (Blog)

This blog brings you through the five steps necessary to foolproof your ads strategy. The author also demonstrates the importance of relevancy and why you should not give up on your struggling facebook advertising. This free blog is a great resource for any Facebook ads newbie.

15. Introducing the complete guide to Dynamic Ads: 2019 edition (Blog)

This is a very short and simple blog that explains how to make your dynamic ads on Facebook even more successful. The author touches on topics such as how to personalize your ads automatically and industry-specific solutions. This blog will also prompt you to download their free eBook if you feel that it would be helpful.

16. 17 Facebook Ad Tricks That Actually Boost Sales! (Blog)

This blog lays out seventeen tips and tricks that should help boost sales. Through the use of brand identity and income based targeting, the author is confident these tips will help. With great demonstrative images throughout, this article is an essential resource for every newbie in the Facebook ads world.

17. The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (Blog)

This blog is targeted towards entrepreneurs and goes into detail as to why Facebook is the place for them to advertise. Even if you don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur, I would still recommend reading this blog, it definitely couldn’t hurt.

18. 5 Key Facebook Advertising Strategies For 2019 (Blog)

If you don’t already know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, learn about him. He is a popular entrepreneur with nearly two million followers on Twitter alone. In his blog, Vaynerchuck uses real-world examples demonstrating the power of Facebook advertising and motivates his readers to get out there and try it. This free blog is a great resource for any up and coming Facebook ad newbie.

Facebook Groups

19. Facebook Ad Buyers (Facebook Group)

With about 85,000 members currently, this is one of the top Facebook ad groups online. In this group, coaches and ad buyers teach different ad strategies, tips, updates and tricks to all of the members. The owner of the group, Tim Burd also offers a private community that you can join for a cheap price of one dollar.

20. Facebook Ads Rockstars (Facebook Group)

This group is for those looking to discover and collaborate on Advanced Facebook Marketing, Training, Strategy & Tactics. If you want to take your Facebook advertising game to a whole new level, this is the group to be in. With over twenty thousand members this group is super active and a great resource.

21. Facebook Ads Hacks (Facebook Group)

This group is a free community created for Facebook marketers, freelancers and agency owners. Owned by Cat Howell, this group has over one hundred and twenty thousand members, all of which post and collaborate daily. Joining this facebook group will put you miles ahead of your peers and will give you access to a world of information.

22. Shopify – Facebook Ads – Google Ads – Kings of Ecom Mastermind (Facebook Group)

Owner Laz Chavez created this group with the idea of bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs who want to grow and collaborate with one another. With around seven thousand members, This group is a great resource, even if e-commerce isn’t your thing, this group will still provide a ton of content and information.

23. Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets (Facebook Group)

This Facebook group is a fantastic resource of information for Facebook ads newbies. Once you join, you will have access to the wealth of information and guidance the thirty-five thousand members provide. Completely free of risk and cost, there are not many better groups to join.

24. Facebook Ads, Chatbots & Affiliate Marketing: Quit The 9 To 5 Group (Facebook Group)

This Group is for Entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in starting an online business and leaving that nine to five job. Once joined, you will meet and communicate with many hard-working entrepreneurs who are there to help. The eighteen thousand members are all there to inspire and build off each others energy, what more could you ask for?

25. Facebook Ads Experts (Facebook Group)

With about nine thousand personnel in this group, each and every one of them is positive, motivated, proactive, and relentless worker. This group is here to help people who are looking to double and triple their profits with Facebook advertising. Although this may seem intense, it is a great group for beginners because there is so much information to be absorbed.

26. Print On Demand Ninjas (Shopify Stores & Facebook Ads) (Facebook Group)

This group is on the rather small side with about six thousand active members. But remember, size isn’t everything. P.O.D. ninjas provide 3 units within the group that is accessible to any member. These three units are full of videos and links that can be very helpful for beginners and I highly recommend you check this group out.

27. Ads @ FACEBOOK (Facebook Group)

This unique Facebook group gives you the ability to showcase and post your product or service’s advertisements in the group once daily. You are provided with a great opportunity to learn what your ads are doing right and wrong, and are even offered the chance to possibly sell your product to one of the six thousand members in the group.

28. The Facebook Ads Group (Facebook Group)

With over forty thousand members, this is a great resource for any Facebook advertiser. Whether you are a beginner or a master at advertising, this group was created for people to collaborate and build off of one another’s energy and ideas. I would highly recommend applying to join this Facebook group.

29. 7-Figure Ecommerce Secrets (Facebook Ads For Econ, Shopify & Dropshipping) (Facebook Group)

This group is all about conversing over the best strategies you can use to make massive strides in your business. One of the perks about joining this group is once you do, all members have an opportunity to schedule a free coaching call with the owner of the group, Rafael Cintron. This is a resource I would highly recommend checking out.

30. Facebook™ Ads Group (by Connectio) (Facebook Group)

Run by the people at connectio.io, they have created a fantastic community. All of the members are encouraged to give one another constructive feedback, ask hard questions, and share the knowledge you have on Facebook ads with others. With around six thousand members, this group is always active and a great place to learn!

31. Facebook Ads Lab (Facebook Group)

For this group, the level of experience you have with Facebook advertising does not matter at all. It serves as a community of all level facebook ad buyers. This will be a super helpful group to be in because you will be able to collaborate and meet with other newbies like yourself!

32. Next Level Facebook Ads (Facebook Group)

Once you join this group, you will have instant access to many different links and courses, some paid some free. This group is all about collaborating, teaching, learning, and sharing with one another. There are over five thousand people in this group who are always eager to help a newbie.  

33. Chatbots, Funnels, Facebook Ads, Digital Marketing Mastermind (Facebook Group)

The purpose of this group is to establish a supportive community of digital marketers looking to network and learn. The owner of the group, Tyrell Wilson, wants to see his members thrive and provides a ton of resources to help you do so. This free Facebook group of around five thousand members is a great place to meet new people and learn about different aspects of Facebook advertising.

34. Advertising For Facebook Pages/Groups (Facebook Group)

This group is an interesting one because there’s no telling what someone will be advertising. I included this group on my list because I think that this is a great group to be in as a Facebook advertiser for the sole purpose of observation. You get to see what kind of random products and services sell and what doesn’t. This page can serve as a great source for inspiration for any level facebook advertiser.


35. Facebook Ads, Chatbots, Funnels, Sales: Agency Growth Hacks (Facebook Group)

This group is owned and operated by, Alex Brittingham, a six-figure digital agency owner. His group is here to provide Alex’s notes, resources, and experience from the past five years. With about five thousand active members, it is a great place to interact and meet other professionals.


36. The Facebook Ad Agency Accelerator Course (YouTube)

This is a youtube course put together by a content creator, Jordan Schumacher. The link I above will bring you to the first video on his Youtube facebook advertising course. So far he has put out sixty-six videos for this course, each of which is incredibly helpful and informative. Any facebook ads newbie should definitely tune in and take advantage of this free course.

37. Neil Patel’s YouTube Channel (YouTube)

This Youtube channel is full of incredibly informational videos all about Facebook advertising. You could click and watch any random video he has posted in the last few weeks and instantly learn something by the time you are done with it. I would definitely recommend utilizing this Youtube in order to absorb as much information as possible.

38. ULTIMATE Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping (YouTube)

This video is on an ultimate low budget facebook ads testing strategy, this can be super helpful to any beginner because for the most part, you will be operating on a smaller budget. This video goes into depth, showing you how to set up a campaign. The video is only twenty minutes long, and I would say it is totally worth checking out.

39. How to Advertise on Facebook (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners (YouTube)

This youtube video made my list because it is an incredibly helpful tutorial video that will talk you through and show you the basics of Facebook ads. I believe that it can be easier to comprehend new ideas and subjects while following along a video and being able to rewind and rewatch confusing parts. All in all, I would say this is a great tutorial video for any Facebook ads newbie.

40. How to Write Facebook Ads That Convert in 2019 (YouTube)

This is a great instructional video that will help you write ads that will result in conversions. As a beginner, it can be a real challenge trying to create and write ads for the first time. Luckily, you can use this video as a resource and reference to help you out.

41. Facebook Ads Retargeting Campaign and Facebook Retargeting Audiences Tutorial 2019 (YouTube)

As a newbie, it can be hard to learn the different types of targeting to use when trying to create your ads. One of the most relevant and proven methods is, retargeting. This video tutorial will teach you what retargeting is, as well as how to set it up.

LinkedIn Groups

42. Facebook Marketing & Advertising Tips (LinkedIn Group)

LinkedIn groups are an often forgotten about resource, but there is not a better place to communicate with other professionals in your field. This group is a great place to add your Facebook marketing and advertising tips or ask a question you may have. Joining this group will not only strengthen your knowledge and understanding of Facebook ads but also help you expand your network!

43. Facebook Advertising Forum (LinkedIn Group)

This group includes discussion of Facebook advertising, how to buy ads on Facebook, set the right PPC bids, learn about Facebook marketing betas, and much more. With around three thousand members, this LinkedIn group will prove to be a very effective and helpful resource throughout your facebook ads journey.


44. Qwaya (Tool)

This is a powerful self-service tool for any business who seeks to save time and increase performance when working with Facebook ad campaigns. Qwaya is a more sophisticated tool used to create, publish, track, optimize and organize any Facebook ad. This tool will cost you as low as $149 a month or as high as $349 a month based on what plan you choose.

45. AdEspresso (Tool)

This tool allows you to create one ad campaign for multiple platforms in one place. You will have more control over your placement, timing, and audience, all of which results in higher conversion rates for you. This tool can cost you as low as $69 a month, or as high as $599 a month depending on what plan works best for you.

46. Hootsuite (Tool)

Using this tool will allow you to schedule posts, manage content, measure social media results, and surface conversations that matter. Many of the top Facebook advertisers across the world recommend Hootsuite because it really does make a difference. This tool can cost you as low as $29 a month, or as high as $599 a month based on the plan that is right for you.

47. PowerAd Spy (Tool)

This tool allows for, advanced search and filtering, spy on competitors, and gives an in-depth analysis. This tool will help Facebook Blueprint learners see more engaging and qualified ads while on Facebook. In terms of pricing, Power Ad Spy is offering a free twenty searches before you make a purchase. I would suggest taking full advantage of this offer while you still can.

48. Ad Stage (Tool)

This tool will allow you to connect your ad, web, and sales data, gain and share deep insights, act on these insights and increase overall ad performance. This is a very helpful tool that all of the professionals use. It is expensive, as at its lowest it will cost you $149 while at its highest it could cost you near 800$.

49. Driftrock (Tool)

This tool will aid you in connecting all of your lead generation sources as well as lower your cost per lead. You will also be able to validate, cleanse and optimize lead generation campaigns to increase lead quality. Overall this tool will help you maximize your conversion rates and will be a big help for any beginner.

50. Buffer (Tools)

Save time managing social media for your business Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place. This is another essential tool used by many successful Facebook advertisers. This tool will cost you as low as $15 a month or as high as $199 a month based on what plan works best for you.


51. Facebook Advertising 2019: The Complete Guide to Dominating the Largest Social Media Platform (Book)

This super informative book is a complete guide to all things Facebook. It will touch on topics such as lead generation, sales funnels and landing pages, conversion optimization, and much much more. In terms of pricing, this book comes in on Amazon at $12 on paperback or $3 if you use a kindle.

52. Mastering Google Adwords 2019: Step-by-Step Instructions for Advertising Your Business (Including Google Analytics) (Book)

Google AdWords is a popular pay-per-click advertising solution that encourages a simple approach to handling your Google content. Although this does not have much to do with Facebook, I think that it can still be very useful to learn about Google Ad words to help optimize your Facebook ads. This book will cost you, $15 paperback and $3 on Kindle when buying through Amazon.

53. The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising (Book)

This book will provide easy step-by-step instructions for creating Facebook ads. You will also be able to read about insider tips and tricks to improve your connection with your audience as well as improve your ads overall. If you are interested in purchasing this book it will cost you $35 on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle.

54. 2000 Social Media Marketing Tricks: The Best Tips, Advice, and Practices To Grow Your Business: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and More (Book)

This step by step guide will help your business grow bigger and faster than you thought possible. Learn tricks and tips for all social media platforms, including Facebook. If you are interested, this book will cost you $20 on paperback and $6 on Kindle if you buy through Amazon.

55. Social Media Marketing 2019: Advertising Guide for Your Business on Instagram and Facebook (Book)

This book will teach you how to advertise on Facebook without losing money by showing you what your competitors have already done wrong. Throughout this book, you will learn from history and your competitors’ mistakes. If this book is of interest to you, it will cost you $14 on paperback and $3 on Kindle if you purchase through Amazon.

56. Facebook Marketing Advertising 2019: 10,000/month ultimate Guide for Personal Branding, Affiliate Marketing & Dropshipping (Book)

This book will provide you with more than just a few tips and examples to improve your Facebook marketing. It will teach you methods to keep track of your audience insights as well as how to track your business metrics. If you are interested in buying this book, it will only cost you $14 on paperback or $3 on Kindle if you are purchasing through Amazon.

57. Facebook Marketing: The Crash Course To Get Ahead in Advertising And Win The Social Media Warfare (Book)

Through this book, you will learn everything you possibly can about how to derive marketing and advertising success Facebook. It is packed with strategies, tips, and tactics that you will learn to apply on your own. In terms of price this book will cost you around, 13$ on paperback and $3 on kindle if you purchase through Amazon.

58. Facebook Advertising 2019: The Ultimate Guide on Facebook ads and Tips to Succeed on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, Advertise your Brand, Grow your Social Media (Book)

This book will present strategies that will help you learn the best social media marketing techniques that will make you money. An important topic this book touches in on is the power of Facebook groups and Facebook pages. If you are interested in purchasing this book it will cost you around $15 or on Kindle $3.

59. Facebook Advertising 2019: The complete guide to Facebook Marketing by mastering Facebook ads in no time (Book)

This step by step guide will help you gain access to more than 2 billion active customers across the world. This book will cover any of the changes in Facebook advertising that occurred in 2019. This is another great resource for newbies in the Facebook advertising world. If you are interested in purchasing this book it will cost you, $15 on paperback or $2 on a Kindle if you buy through Amazon.


60. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2019 | Coursenvy ™ (Course)

With this course, you will learn how to master Facebook marketing. It will teach you how to master Facebook Ads Manager, connect with new audiences, and lower your ad costs! For the price of $199 this course will include, 14 hours on-demand video, 27 articles, 12 downloadable resources, full lifetime access, and even a certificate of Completion

61. The Complete Facebook Ads Course – Beginner to Advanced (Course)

Taught by, Daragh Walsh, immerse yourself in a very comprehensive Facebook ads course. It includes over 6 hours of training, quizzes and practical steps you can follow to increase your Facebook ads skill level.


This course brought to you by, John Loomer, is here to teach you how to prevent your ads from growing stale and stop working. This course is perfect for those who are struggling to maintain long-lasting results. The cost of the course will set you back $147 per month.

63. Neil Patel: What is Facebook Advertising (Guide)

In this free guide, Neil Patel shows you a few examples of people who’ve had a lot of success with Facebook ads. He will also walk you through setting up your first campaign in the simplest way possible. Even if you’re a complete newbie, after going through this guide, you’ll have a good grasp of Facebook ads. This free resource I would highly advise taking advantage of.


64. eMarketer (Newsletter)

Signing up for this newsletter will result in you receiving a daily briefing on digital marketing and media trends. Getting on as many newsletters as possible is a great way to get involved and interested in the digital advertising world. This newsletter is completely free and can help you stay up to date.

65. AdExchanger (Newsletter)

If you sign up for this newsletter you will receive relevant, data-driven, digital news and views delivered to your inbox for free. This will be a great way for a beginner to stay aware of what is going on in the industry and also can be a great tool to learn from.

66. JounceMedia (Newsletter)

Jounce Media provides a series of 12 ebooks on their website called, the Little Black Books. Each of these different books goes over different aspects of digital advertising and how one would improve in them. This is a fantastic free resource I would recommend to anyone interested in digital advertising.

67. Digiday (Membership) (Newsletter)

Signing up for the Digiday+ membership will provide you with access to unlimited Digiday content, exclusive stories and newsletters, premium research, invites to Digiday events and much more. If you sign up for this membership, it could give you the edge you were looking for. If you are interested, one three month membership is 99$.

68. AdAge (Newsletter)

Ad Age is one of the most popular advertising websites in the entire world. If you sign up for their newsletter you will be receiving a roundup of all the advertising news you could imagine. Signing up is completely free and is something I would highly advise doing, if the newsletters start to annoy you, you can always simply remove yourself from the mailing list.

69. AdEspresso News Letter (Newsletter)

Here is another resource from AdEspresso, their newsletter! Signing up for this newsletter will provide you with timely updates on the most relevant Facebook content, every week. As a beginner, I highly recommend signing up for as many newsletters as possible in order to absorb as much information as possible.


70. Digital Marketing News and Trends (Community)

Following this page on Quora is another way to stay up to date on all current events in the digital marketing world. This page will provide interesting news, learnings, answers and more in digital marketing. The page is for talking about the latest trends and updates from brand and strategy to PPC, Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, and PR tactics. This is a great free resource for a facebook ads newbie.

71. Grow.co (Community/Newsletter)

The communities provided by Grow are free to join and are a great way to learn from and network with leaders working for the top digital brands today. They are a great space for you to share tips, strategies and more. You can sign up for their newsletter, join one of their communities, or both, all you have to do is sign up!

72. Ad Leaks (Community)

The Ad Leaks community is a great place for a beginner to learn, attend events, engage with other members of the community, and much more. You can pay $1 for a 14-day trial, if you love it you can sign up. If you don’t… No worries it’s only a dollar!

Chrome Extensions

73. Bit.ly (Chrome Extension)

This chrome extension will allow you to edit your links and instantly share and save content straight from your browser. You can quickly shorten a link and brand the domain to customize it to your business. You can also track real-time stats to see which social strategies are most effectively engaging fans.

74. Colorzilla (Chrome Extension)

This extension gives you the chance to pick any color off of a webpage instantly. It will provide you with the color number for future use, then stores the hex codes for you to use within your own content or design creation. Using this extension will make it that much easier for you to get ahead of your competitors, which is huge for a newbie

75. PushBullet (Chrome Extension)

Pushbullet allows you to send pictures, files, and links between devices and to your friends and family. You can send a link to your phone simply by right-clicking on it while on your computer and wirelessly move files to your phone from your computer. No more emails to yourself!

76. Ghostery (Chrome Extension)

Ghostery lets us see what you normally can’t. It shows the trackers, pixels, bugs, and beacons that companies place on pages. You can easily see who is tracking you from Facebook or Google and get links to businesses’ privacy policies where you can choose to opt-out. This is super useful for Facebook advertisers because you get to see how your competitors are using their pixel.

77. Diigo (Chrome Extension)

This awesome extension allows you to not only save pages you visit but highlight the information you want, write something about it and reference it in a list for later. Diigo allows you to collect everything in one place with highlights and notes so you can look back at those articles you found useful. As a beginner, you will be finding a lot of helpful articles and websites that you will want to reference later, this extension will really help to keep that in order. Plus, it’s free!

78. Followr (Chrome Extension)

Followr is a quick and easy way to gain more followers on Twitter. It searches for tweets every 30 minutes related to your tweets and current following. The more you use Twitter, the more Followr will work to find Tweets to favorite, resulting in more followers. I know the jury is out on buying followers but it is totally free and can really help you gain the traction necessary to get noticed. It’s always worth a try!

79. LastPass (Chrome Extension)

This is the ultimate password saving extension you will ever need. LastPass will save all of your passwords in one place, the only way to access them will be through entering one password. Using this extension will be a huge help considering all of the newsletters and website you eventually need to make accounts for.

80. Sniply (Chrome Extension)

This chrome extension will allow you to send people to your website through the content that you share on different social media platforms. Sniply can detect when you paste a link and will then ask if you want to embed a message on that page. Sharing a Sniply link allows you to drive traffic back to your site.

81. Sidekick by Hubspot (Chrome Extension)

Sidekick is a fantastic tool for any person living in the professional world. This extension makes it so you can schedule emails in the future and also see who opened, read, and clicked on your email. You will now be able to know when a certain company or person has been purposely not answering your emails. This can be very helpful for a newbie because now you can see the percentage of people who either, responded, opened and never answered or never saw your emails.

82. Nimbus Screenshot (Chrome Extension)

This screenshot extension allows you to capture any part of the page you want. It also makes it so that you can edit these screenshots then save them wherever you want on your computer, including Google Drive. For beginners, I recommend using this extension and just creating a collection of ads you see on Facebook. That way if you are ever stumped when writing an ad, you have an entire collection of inspiration.

83. Yesware (Chrome Extension)

Yesware is a similar extension to the Sidekick extension, but it will send you a notification whenever someone opens or clicks on your email. It will also tell you what device was used to open it, this will help you explore engagement from your recipients.

84. Mozbar (Chrome Extension)

The Moz extension lets you create custom SEO searches based on the search engine, city, country, etc., access SEO metrics while on the web and test the difficulty in ranking for a keyword. This is a must for any newbie trying to wrap their head around search engine optimization.

85. SEOquake (Chrome Extension)

This extension displays multiple SEO ranking factors for any given webpage. It can also compare one site to another based on URLs. This is a great tool for any beginner to help optimize their own SEO.

86. Evernote (Chrome Extension)

This extension provides a perfect way to organize articles you need to read or notes you’ve made all in one place. With Evernote, you can work offline, take notes, collect web articles or photos and put them all in one organized space. It’s a great tool to manage and share resources with teams and can be accessed on all devices.

87. Momentum (Chrome Extension)

Momentum is not exactly the most business savvy extension, but it is one of my favorites. It will fill a default new tab with an entire page filled with, inspirational quotes and background and a place to write down your goals. Although it has nothing to do with Facebook ads, I think this is an extension everyone should be using.

88. Feedly (Chrome Extension)

Feedly allows you to save different content and posts you see on your social media feeds throughout the day so that you can access it all in the same place when you have time to look and read through them. You can also share and email pages to people with a simple click. This extension can be a great help to stay organized as well as share content as instantly as you see it.

89. Right InBox (Chrome Extension)

This extension is used every day by professionals across the globe. Its four main features are email scheduling, email reminders, recurring emails, and a private notes option. Tight Inbox will help you keep track of all your important emails and will make your inbox a whole lot cleaner.

90. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides (Chrome Extension)

This groundbreaking extension allows you to access, view, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without having to install Office on your computer. This will save you time and money if you don’t already own all of the Microsoft applications.

91. Gmass (Chrome Extension)

This extension is super useful for marketers and advertisers alike. It allows digital marketers to send email marketing campaigns to thousands of emails. It even lets you sync Gmass with Google Sheets to enable you to personalize based on name, email address and any other available column you’ve created. This is incredibly helpful because of all the time you can save.

92. Grammarly (Chrome Extension)

This extension pulls from over 250 potential errors to check every aspect of your writing, including grammar and spelling. This is crucial for any beginner in advertising because it allows you to make sure all emails and blogs you post are 100% grammatically correct.

93. Push by Zapier (Chrome Extension)

This extension works with apps like MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Trello and you can push to send info to and from any of them automatically. An extension like this is so great because of the time it will save you, and time is money.

94. Link Clump (Chrome Extension)

This extension makes it so you can save time by clicking and dragging various links and open them in all new tabs. Again, saving time is crucial for any successful advertiser or entrepreneur, we only have so much time.

95. Window Resizer (Chrome Extension)

This extension makes it so you can resize your window to emulate different resolutions. This is extremely useful for digital marketing agencies with web designers and developers who need to test their layouts on different browser resolutions.

96. WiseStamp (Chrome Extension)

This extension is an easy way to customize your email signature. You can like all of your social media and profiles, add legal disclaimers, or even add your company logo to your email signature. This is a useful extension because of how easily you can identify yourself and the people you are contacting know who you are.

97. SaveToPocket (Chrome Extension)

This is the perfect extension for bookmarking something you want to look at later. SaveToPocket makes it so you can easily save any page with just one click. It also automatically syncs to your desired device so you can view it anytime you like, wherever you like.

98. Gorgias Templates (Chrome Extension)

This extension makes writing emails much, much faster. You can create templates out of a text that you find yourself often repeating and insert them directly into your emails. This allows for faster response to customer emails and more time to get other work done.

99. Power Thesaurus (Chrome Extension)

This extension is exactly the kind of simplicity most people are looking for. Power thesaurus makes it so you can find and view synonyms and antonyms quickly and efficiently without having to leave your browser or open another tab. Simplicity and efficiency always result in saving time.

Now that you have access to all of these great resources, the world of Facebook advertising just got that much easier. Although it may take some time to really digest all of the material above, you will realize the worth. Feel free to continue to refer to this mega list as frequently as you like, it is certainly not going anywhere. I hope this post helps you take your Facebook advertising to the next level, Good Luck and Stay Hungry.

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