7 SEO Techniques to Use in Social Media Marketing

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Many business owners or marketing professionals have their own business, blog or websites that they’re operating and have probably used SEO as part of their marketing strategy. Some understand its importance or they may know about it but have not practically applied it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. 

Everyone who has engaged in the practice of search engine optimization has found it to have surprisingly versatile results, whether they do it themselves or find one of the top SEO agencies in New York. Site owners will start optimizing to rank a particular phrase that’s relevant to getting customers. In the same way, the SEO techniques that were commonly used on the websites can be transferred to social media campaigns. The only thing that differs is the content itself and on how the technique is applied. Every marketer is doing their best to succeed in social media marketing, however, there are only a few who know the trick to make SEO and social media marketing meet together. So here are the techniques:

Post Frequently or Post High-Quality Photos

Many small business owners are using social media to reach their potential customers. And all of the marketers would agree that posting frequently on their social media account will greatly affect their influence. It is best to keep engaged always for you to make it big on social media work. The more frequent you post, the higher the engagement will be. Your audience will be more interested in you if they see how active and visible you are on social media. If you’re not, then your potential customers would look for another brand to follow. If you cannot do it frequently, then it will be best to use a very high-quality post infrequently. With this, it would highly result in many views since people are visually attracted to good quality posts. 

Use of Targeted Keywords

The first and basic technique of SEO that you will incorporate on social media is the use of keywords. Social media search engines will promote posts based on how quickly they become popular. Pick the most suitable keywords and add them to your social media posts. Treat social media like a search engine. Use such keywords on your posts that are most likely people would want to type on a search engine. Creating keyword-targeted content produces traffic, which typically expands to post sharing and referring links to more people.

Use of Relevant Images

Social media posts with images are more successful than posts without images. Imagine yourself scrolling through social media, you would highly click a post if there is an interesting image along with it. Just be sure that your image is relevant to the text posted on social media. Some people will click your link based on the image without reading the full text. Thus, images are very helpful in your social media marketing

Use of Entertaining Content

Play around with your social media posts and you will notice that entertaining or educational content has higher engagement, funny posts get views and traffic, and insider information gets many shares. You can use posts with memes about your products or post a short and lively video that relates to your line of business.

Push your Brand Principles

Push your brand principles on your social media posts as well as on your website. Google will take account of the cross-linked information and will rank your brand higher on the search engine. As a result, people would be able to visit both your site as well as your social media posts. 

Create Effective Title and Description Tags

It is highly recommended to use Google Ads for usable keywords and titles. You can use it for free and discover amazing keywords for your website. Then apply these keywords as well to your social media posts, especially if you are linking back to web pages. Maximize this SEO technique without having to pay for the tool. 

Use your SEO Techniques

Lastly, the SEO technique you use for your on-page SEO may easily be transferred to your social media campaign. Use the same SEO techniques and focus on making your post popular among your target market. As you want to grow your social media campaign, do not limit pick and choose only on some of the SEO techniques mentioned above. You should test and retest them all.

Social media plays a big role in helping marketers get their content in front of a larger audience. Understanding both SEO and social media marketing will greatly benefit business owners, bloggers, influencers, and marketers to perform better on both channels. The bottom line here is that SEO and social media help each other. What are the other SEO techniques have you used on social media marketing? We would love to hear from you. 

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  1. It’s true that content is an important part of any SEO program. However, many tend to neglect the importance of photos. It is a good idea to optimize photos and to also select the best ones for the situation.

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