Being an entrepreneur or business owner is difficult sometimes. You can feel like you’re moving uphill and everything is going wrong, or not moving fast enough. If this sounds like you, it might be time to start listening to TED Talks.

What Are TED Talks?

TED is a nonprofit organization that spreads ideas with talks that are about 18 minutes. Most of them are much shorter than that because the point of them is to give you the inspiration you need, so you can get out there and use it. It all began in 1984, and it’s been a hit for many industries in more than 100 languages.

Interested in TED Talks?

There are so many TED Talks that you may find yourself overwhelmed with all of them. This is why we have found the three most inspirational and motivational TED talks to get you started. Once you experience these, you’ll likely be hooked.

Bill and Melinda Gates – Giving Back

Giving back is important, but it’s probably never seemed as great until you hear Bill and Melinda Gates talk about it. Back in 1993, they visited Africa and saw poverty at its worst. From that time on, they have committed to giving back 95 percent of their wealth.

They believe that running a business isn’t all that you can do that is good in the world. You can use that business to make money that can then be given to those who are not as fortunate. This, in turn, changes the world.

David Brooks: Eulogy Over Resume

For those of you who are always doing what will make you look good professionally, you may want to try something different – do what will make you have a good eulogy. That’s what David Books New York Times columnist and author advises. While society focuses on the resume, it’s not what your loved ones will read when you’re being laid to rest. Watch this TED Talk in which Brooks talks more about how you really should consider as you’re running your business.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Never Giving Up

As you have already experienced or about to, success can sometimes make it difficult to move forward. This is what happened with Elizabeth Gilbert after her book Eat, Pray, Love became a success. She felt stuck afterwards, so she had to find a way to use her creativity in a way that would help her continue her success. In this TED Talk, she discusses what she found out about herself when it comes to success and failure. She also found what it was going to take to push herself towards more success. What she has to say may just be what you need to hear right now to help you move forward in your business.

We hope these TED Talks have given you the strength you need to rise out of your chair to do something great for your business. Whenever you need a quick pick up, just remember the successful people who speak in the TED Talks and search for some more online. You may even want to watch some of these again.

Don’t forget to share these with your friends. They may be just what they need to inspire them just like it has inspired you.

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