Support Policy

Thanks for purchasing or downloading one of our products! We try to answer all support questions within a timely fashion. Before you get started, there are a few things we would like to clarify.


We will respond as soon as possible to any questions asked, but please be aware that there are limits to the scope of our product support. Support covers installation of the product, issues arising from using any of the product features and of course bug fixes and feature updates. We cannot help you with installation of WordPress itself, issues with 3rd party plugins or themes, or customization of any of our products.

Before asking questions

Before you ask any question in our forums please make sure that you:
  1. Check the documentation related to the product
  2. Search the forum to check if your problem was already solved in another thread
If you have done the above, and still have a question, feel free to ask. Please always include a link to your WordPress Installation, the Product Version Number and any other Plugins that you are running.

Support Schedule

We are located in NYC & NJ, USA (Eastern Standard Time), and therefore our support hours are Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM. Questions will be answered in the order received. It is not recommended to “bump” your own threads since this will place them at the end of the support queue.

Problems with registering?

The registration on our support forum is automatic for customers. All our products use software licensing keys to ensure stability and authenticity. It sometimes happens that a valid key is not recognized immediately. If that is the case, simply wait a few minutes and try again, the verification will usually work then. If it still does not, feel free to send us your verification key via this contact form or email our help desk directly at

Login Credentials

Most issues can be solved without the need of having a team member manually login into your site, but if this needs to be done please send us your login credentials via our Credentials Page.  This way we can view your credentials in a security manner.  We strong recommend that you DO NOT post your logins credentials on the form even via a private reply.