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About the Client

Nexmo is Vonage’s Communications API offerings, providing products such as Voce over IP, SMS Messaging, Live Video, or Verification services.


Nexmo approached us to help them re-design their Blog and Customer Success Story sections of their website. The Blog needed an overhaul to help surface relevant content to each of their primary User Avatars (Developers, Product Managers, and Business Managers).


We designed a new blog website with the goals of providing clear Calls-to-Action for each audience type to increase conversion as well as increasing social engagement.

Website Design

Blog Style Tile

Keeping within the Nexmo Brand Guidelines, we created a new design that was focused on creating a data hierarchy that utilized three top-level categories for each of the Primary Use Cases to allow potential customers to find the category of data that was most relevant to them.  We also utilized colors and iconography across the design to represent each of these parent categories to enable easy identification throughout the blog.

Website Design

Blog Website Design

For quick browsing through each category, we decided on a Carousel System, similar to Netflix to quickly get the user consuming content. We also created a Blog-specific Sub-Nav Bar that would become sticky while reading an article to keep users browsing the blog. Since each CTA was different for each user avatar, we built the ability to set Category-specific Actions for each area.

Blog Design - Mobile

With a high percentage of users browsing their website with mobile, we created mobile-specific designs to help make the experience of consuming content equally enjoyable.

Web Design

Customer Success Stories

The Nexmo team was looking for a story-driven, medium length format for each case study that contained pre-formatted layers that allowed their authors to easily include various highlights about the case study – including key data points, performance statistics, images + explanations, testimonials, and other elements to craft a rich experience for each study.  Advanced Custom Fields and a custom theme were used to implement these features.
Screenshot of Nexmo Customer Success-Story Single Page


Data-driven revenue marketing

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Increase in Users of the website


Increase in Pageviews as people explored the new site


of website traffic explored Eariously beyond typical Homepage / Landing page visits


Decrease in the average Bounce Rate on the site