What We Did

Logo & Branding


Website Design

Web Development

About the Client

LeadEngage, a Lead Management SaaS platform, enables customers to connect all of their lead sources into a universal inbox and enables customer communication and engagement from a single platform.


LeadEngage approached us since they recognized that their existing marketing website could use some improvement and was not converting customers at the rate that they were looking for.


While tweaking their existing logo, we also refreshed their brand style to make it more eye-catching, particularly around CTAs and presenting information in an engaging manner.  We then redesigned their marketing website focusing on converting potential users.


Colors & Typography

We updated the Style Guide to provide eye-catching CTAs and changed the typography to give more weight to headlines and titles to call more attention to them and improve readability. 

Website Design

Marketing Website

While re-designing the website, we first focused on writing compelling copy that would help potential users understand what the app did and why they might want to start using it.  We then worked on creating a website design that was compact and didn’t have a ton of pages to distract users.

Marketing Website Design

Even though LeadEngage has lots of different features, we elected to use a single features page that had 4 distinct sections to provide an overview of each major set of functionality and entice users to try it out rather than overload prospective customers with a wall of pages for them to browse through.  We wanted to strike a balance between providing too much information and enough for customers to have a thorough understanding of what can be accomplished with the app.