Last Minute Justice

Project Implementation

The Last Minute Justice (LMJ) team came to 99 Robots with a few whiteboard sketches and notes about the application that they were looking to build. We helped them shape, define and build the entire brand and app from the ground up. This included Branding and Brand Strategy, Marketing Website Strategy and Design, SaaS Application Architecture, Process Flows, as well as Development.

What We Did

Website Design

Website Development

Landing Page Design

Blog Page Development

Project Description

The LMJ Brand needed to appeal to a wide range of audiences, including all types of customers from all walks of life who may receive a traffic ticket as well as attorneys so the design of the Brand needed to evoke trust, wisdom, and expertise in the legal system while still feeling modern.

To achieve this, we chose to combine elements of the scales of justice from the legal system with a modern, sans-serif font for the logo and a purple color palette to represent knowledge and independence.

Website Design

SaaS Planning

Based on the few notes and sketches from the client as well as several key knowledge gathering sessions, we took the lead to design the Customer Journey and how the marketplace would work. 

We defined the entire business process from submitting a Traffic summons all the way through to selecting an attorney to hire and created Business Process Flows using Swim Lanes to document the different entities involved and who would do what for all interactions in the marketplace.

We then took this information and created the Application and Data Architecture as well as the UX and Wireframes for the application so that we knew where all the information would be displayed and to create an intuitive experience for both types of users.

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