Project Overview

Juicetank is New Jersey’s largest coworking space and startup incubator. 99 Robots was charged with designing a site that would capture the creativity and business facets of Juicetank, while retaining simplicity and intuitive design.

Our Approach

We used Juicetank’s own coworking space as an inspiration for the website itself – turning the colorful collaboration center into an online experience. Our primary objective was to deliver key information about the business in a digestible manner for their audience.

Project Implementation

Juicetank required custom landing pages for each of their services, a press page, a pricing page, custom contact forms, a blogging system, and a community intranet. 99 Robots designed and developed Juicetank’s online presence to complement their need for independence.


Custom Development

Through custom page management, theme options, and the use of widgets, the Juicetank website is fully independant of developer intermediation.


Marketing Material Design

On top of website design & development, 99 Robots provided design work for the marketing materials used in Juicetank’s coworking space and events.



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