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What We Did

Logo & Branding

Website Design

Web Development

SaaS Development

UI / UX Design

About the Client

Eariously is a text-to-speech SaaS application that primarily allows blog owners to easily turn their blog article into audio.


Eariously approached us to refresh their branding, and marketing site to coincide with an app refresh and subsequent LTD launch. 


The Eariously brand had a design style that was created when the startup was originally founded, however none of those styles were used on the marketing site or inside the SaaS app.  We drew from the original design and created an updated brand style that improved the typography and image styles to improve legibility and create a bolder style.

Key Project Highlights

WordPress CMS

We separated the Marketing website from the existing Javscript codebase and into a WordPress CMS to enable the rest of the Eariously team to be able to edit the marketing site without a developer.

Updated Branding

We took the previous design and updated the typography and brand style slightly to give more impact to titles and headings as well as other iconography and style changes.

Node.js / React Development

We assisted the Eariously Dev team overhaul their existing Node.js and React codebase to standardize the UI and update the Node.js backend to more modern standards to aid future development.

Brand Style

Logo Mark & Brand Colors

Eariously Logo

Loopy, playful, and a little quirky, this Eariously logo plays with the theme of translation—Eariously translates text to audio, but also promotes the translation and sharing of ideas between people. A looping cord with two parts, the form visualizes the process of translating a written idea into sound by using the metaphor of a morphing line. Its shape follows a rhythmic geometry and begins with a cursive “e” for Eariously, and reads as a scribbled word (or thought, idea!), being converted into soundwaves.

Brand Colors & Typography

Website Design

SaaS Marketing Website

The Marketing site was built using the Elementor Page builder to empower the Eariously marketing team and allow them to create and edit their own content independently without the need of developers.

Marketing Website Design

For the updated marketing website, our primary objective was to ensure that a visitor to the website understands the functionality of the app and what sets it apart from the competition.

We elected to use a longer-form homepage that would answer most of the key questions about the app to keep potential customers on the site with the primary CTA focusing on  getting users to sign up for the app.

SaaS Development

UI/UX Design

We helped the Eariously team redesign the UI/UX of the SaaS App and implemented a new Admin UI to reduce the amount of friction in the user experience.  The updated admin UI would would lay the groundwork for the Eariously team to create a consistent interface with any new development.  The codebase was also re-factored and updated to bring it up to modern Node.js & React standards.


Updated Marketing Site resulted in increased signups

The Eariously team saw an increase in conversions on the marketing site.


Increase in New User Signup Rate


Increase in pageviews as users explored the new site