WordPress is rapidly becoming the most used and most popular content management system, and the demand for WordPress products is growing. If you have expert knowledge in WordPress, you may be able to turn it into a very profitable business. The following are some business models that are based on WordPress and can be very successful:

Designing WordPress Themes

One of the best ways for a web designer to start a business based on her knowledge of WordPress is to design and sell WordPress themes. You can conduct this type of business in a variety of ways. When you are first starting out, you may want to develop some themes and place them in a WordPress theme marketplace to see how well they sell. Over time, you can build your own client base and create specialized and customized themes. You can either charge a flat fee for this service or charge per hour. Use a consultancy business model when you go this route, as you will be communicating quite regularly with your clients. If you don’t wish to do consultant work, you could just create your own line of cookie-cutter themes to sell yourself.

Web Hosting WordPress Sites

If you want to create a business based on the recurring revenue business model, you may want to consider getting into web hosting for WordPress sites. Recurring revenue is an ideal business model that allows you to continuously make money over the life of your business. There are plenty of web hosts available, but there are few that specialize in WordPress sites exclusively. This means there is an open space for this type of business. To do this, you would need to know quite a bit about server technology and be ready to invest some capital in infrastructure and marketing. Also, you need to be ready to deal with the aftermath when your servers go down. Despite this, web hosting can be quite a lucrative venture.

Providing WordPress Support

There are a myriad of bloggers and webmasters developing sites each and every day. More and more people are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon to get their websites off the ground. WordPress is an open-source community-driven project, which means that there is not a real place people can go for official help when they need it. This is where a WordPress support business comes into play. If you have extensive WordPress knowledge, this is a business you may want to consider. You have a few different options with this business model. You can offer a subscription service and provide all-access assistance, including live customer support, to your clients. You could also develop a platform in which people can post their questions and have them answered by you or your staff.

Creating WordPress Related Content

Creating a WordPress blog or website is probably one the easiest business models to enter into, especially if you know a lot about WordPress. There are surprisingly few websites that provide comprehensive WordPress information. While there are other sites offering WordPress information, it is difficult to locate everything in a single place.

You may want to take the time to search out which questions are asked most often and write several posts on those. You can also provide content on WordPress news, links to popular theme sites, and even offer tutorials. The key to making money with this business model is two-fold; advertising and time. You are not going to sell your content to your readers, so you have to resort to advertising or affiliate marketing to generate revenue. Done carefully, this can bring in a very lucrative income. Keep in mind that this model takes a significant amount of time before you will see a monetary return. You have to gain a substantial following of readers. Once you build up a solid readership, the money begins rolling in.

There are so many possibilities to grow a business with WordPress. These are only a few business models you can choose from. If you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in WordPress, this could be a lucrative business for you.

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