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  • in reply to: slow log database queries #5195

    Hi – Glad to see you like the plugin.

    Since we’ve actually never received notice from any of our users saying our plugin is causing slowness, can you share a few more details:

    1) How much traffic do you get per day / month?
    2) What type of hosting do you have? limits?
    3) Is it possible that the slowness is caused by any other plugins on your site? Can you list out what plugins you have, or maybe even use P3 Profiler to see which is causing the most slowness.
    4) Do you use a Cache plugin? If not, try WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache and see how the performance is after a day or two of use.

    Most of our users are on shared hosting as well, and they are not having any such issues. For example, we host a lot of sites on HostGator that all run these plugins simulataneously, and have not had any issues. So any additional information you provide would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: Single opt in #5197

    Thanks again for the recommendation regarding this feature. We are looking into this option for you, and I’m working directly with the team to see how we can implement it for the next release.

    I’ve already found a few good resources:

    As long as it’s compliant with MailChimp, we’ll figure it out and include it in the next release. Usually our release cycles are 1 week to go through architecture, development, and testing, so please expect this feature by end of month.

    Also, if you have any other ideas, let us know. We’re definitely listening.

    Finally, if want to be in our ‘Beta VIP‘ program where we allow knowledgeable folks like yourself to get early access to our plugins in exchange for feedback, please send us your email address. Of course, you’ll receive the plugin for FREE after giving us testing / feedback.

    Thank you.

    p.s. Please do leave a review on CodeCanyon. It helps us out a ton.

    in reply to: Ads showing in middle of the screen #6087

    aaah. Neil, your background takeover image is not a background image at all. It’s a 120×600 sized image? It cannot possible be used as a background image. You’d want at least 1200 pixels wide image. What you are using is a small skyscraper ad, not a background image. I hope that makes sense. This is why you cannot see it because it is so small, it hides behind your site.

    Below is a link where we provide a FREE PSD template you can use to create a well designed background image. If you do not have Photoshop skills, you can get someone on Fiverr to create you a slick background image – send them the template as a starting point.

    in reply to: Ads showing in middle of the screen #6089

    Hi Neil – can you provide link to the actual background image you are using?

    Also, can you keep the wallpaper takeover active so we can see it live – it will help us troubleshoot as your site seems to be doing things differently.

    p.s. nice site!

    in reply to: I cannot get firebar to work on any site. #5364

    Hi there – Welcome.

    1) When you create your first FireBar, you’ll want to make sure that you have reviewed all the options so you know what’s possible.
    2) Name your FireBar.
    3) Check your Conditions / Triggers (can leave them as default values too)
    4) Save changes.

    Also, can you provide site URL please so that we can see your site? Without the site url, it’s impossible for us to help troubleshoot.

    Our team will be online at 9AM EST to continue to help you. Rest assured, you’ve got an entire team here to assist.

    Thank you.

    in reply to: the image is not clickable #6604

    Happy to help you, but please note that we cannot help without seeing the site itself. Please provide a site URL with specifically which areas are not clickable?

    in reply to: Having trouble getting it working on my site #6660

    Hi Mitch – You were on the right track… Since your theme has custom DOM elements, the correct DOM element for your theme is:


    That will solve the issue. Currently, the background is there, but it’s behind all the other DOM elements such as your header and content areas.

    Also, be sure to use a nice large / wide background as the test image you are currently using is quite narrow and when centered will show up behind your body content panels.

    in reply to: Rotate Background Ads #6678

    No, the plugin does not rotate ads. It will only show 1 ad, and if 2 ads are configured for same page, it will show the ad with the higher priority.

    in reply to: Doesn' work #6697

    Hi @djbios — Merry Xmas to you too! I took a look at your site, and have a quick question and comment which may explain things:

    Your theme / site structure is uniquely setup like this (in order):

    1) Full-width text widget (has an advertisement in it) – #text-2
    2) Full-width header with navigation bar – #header-top
    3) Full-width slider – #featured
    4) Full-width content body (4 horizontal articles) – #content
    5) Fixed-width footer container (vertical articles) – #footer

    Therefore, you should see the background takeover ad where the fixed-width footer begins. IF that is the end goal, you can use the following DOM element – #footer – in the Advanced Settings area.

    Let me know if that clarifies everything. If not, please let us know what is outstanding and we’ll certainly help.

    Happy Holidays!

    in reply to: Show Ad with multiple selection not working #6692

    Hi @prodizzle – Great site you have! Can you check the following two things:

    1) Please ensure there are not other takeovers that supercede in priority the takeover you are referencing.

    2) If #1 doesn’t explain the reason, then try deactivating all your other plugins (except BT) and retest. If it works then we can reasonably assume it is due to a conflicting third-party plugin. If it still does not work, we’ll need to look at your site to investigate further in which case please submit a PRIVATE REPLY (only visible to us) with your WP site url, admin-level user and pw. We’ll be happy to help you get it sorted.

    Merry Christmas!!

    in reply to: Cannot create background #6715

    Hello fxtradersclassroom,

    We are unable to replicate this error. For us creating and saving a Background Ad works just fine. This leads us to believe that another plugin on your site is conflicting with Background Takeover.

    Have you tried to temporarily deactivate ALL plugins on your site and see if this problem persists? Once all plugins are deactivated Background Takeover should work perfectly. Then, reactivate each plugin one by one until Background Takeover does not work. This is how you will find out which plugin is causing the problem.

    Follow these steps snap let me know what happens.


    in reply to: Scroll not working #6748

    Hello thalisson – Hope all is well. I went to your site to see the issue you described and I am 100% certain it has to do with your theme or some erroneous CSS on your site.

    For example, I did a test page on our own demo site using your wallpaper and set it to Scroll and it works fine. See link below for proof:

    Here is a screenshot of my settings (only changed the attachment option to Scroll)

    Hope that helps.

    in reply to: Cannot set Background Image #6756

    Hi – We’re happy to help.

    1) Can you provide a site url?
    2) Also, please confirm your image is large enough that it can extend outside the main body. Sometimes its just too small that it’s hiding behind the main body containers.

    Troubleshooting Steps:
    Also, just to make sure it does not have anything to do with third-party plugins conflicting, can you try the following:
    1) deactivate ALL plugins except the Background Takeover plugin
    2) clear cache (if any), and refresh site. If it works at this point, it means 1 of your other plugins is causing the issue.
    3) If the issue is caused by third-party plugin, re-activate plugins one-at-a-time to see which plugin is causing the issue. Do not use that plugin.

    in reply to: Clickable zone not working #6852

    Also please note that if you only want 1 clickable zone, then select the one link (both sides will be clickable). There is no way to create only a “left side” clickable zone, but not right side. Thx.

    in reply to: Template dimension too small #6870

    Hi – Your site link is showing 404 (Server Not Found) so we cannot see it. Can you give us correct site url?

    Also, there are no “template dimensions” set by the plugin. The design of your image has to be large enough to fit your site.

    Let us know the site url and we gladly help. Thank you.

    in reply to: Takeover clickable zones not working.. #6872

    Hi @hiperfm – We will definitely add the option to open in a new window or in the same window.

    With regard to statistics of impressions and clicks, that is definitely something we are evaluating. Since statistics / analytics is a massive feature to implement, we want to make sure we carefully consider all the factors such as:

      data architecture
      ui / ux
      and more

    Though, rest assured that we are all over it. Thank you again for the suggestion! :)

    in reply to: What should be the size of the image ? #6878

    Hi Vivek – Good question. Most background takeover images are usually 1600 x 1000 pixels.

    In fact, we provide a FREE PSD template for all our Customers. To Download the PSD template file, get it HERE.

    Please be sure to leave a 5-star rating on CodeCanyon when you get a chance. Much appreciated.

    Any other questions, just let us know here on the support forums. Thank you.


    in reply to: Disable For Mobile #6894

    Hi @monsterdevelopment – Can you provide some clarification so we can understand the nature of the request:

    A) Is this a feature request – OR –
    B) is there an issue with the plugin when on mobile. I have not seen or heard of any issue on mobile especially considering the background wallpaper would NOT be visible on a mobile phone anyway.

    Since we are trying to keep the plugin as feature-rich as possible WITHOUT unnecessary bloat, we want to make sure a feature is only added if it makes sense.

    Please let us know so we can evaluate further. Thank you.

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