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    Hey, I am using a SSL enabled site and its hosted on bluehost business pro server. The plugin installed succesfully but i am not able to make some changes like the text color.

    also after activating the new firebar {By Add New}, and its Live but doesn’t display anything on my website.

    Any guess why.. Tried activating and deactivating all the plugins.



    Hello thmeclawdotcom,

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Are you referring to the plugin Firebar or Popup Fire? In your post you mentioned Firebar, but this topic in under the Popup Fire Forum.

    It seems strange that you are unable to change the text color settings and that it is not displaying on your site. Can you please set up a test page for us and display the Firebar only on that page so we can have a look at what could be going wrong. Make sure to include a link to this page so we can reference it.

    To speed up this process you can share your WordPress login credentials with us so we can have a look at you settings to see if everything is ok. If you do share your login credentials with us please make sure to mark the reply as private.


    Hello themeclawdotcom,

    Sorry for the long wait. It seems that our support site marked your reply as spam so we did not see it until now :(

    I just tried to sign in the way you asked me and I was unable to go into your backend. Also, once signed in it is impossible to sign out. How can I sign out so I can try to sign back in?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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