WP Content Resharer Pro automatically shares old posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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Why We Love Content Resharer Pro

Content Resharer Pro is built to save you time and boost your social engagement and drive traffic to your website while you sleep.

Increase Social Engagement

Automatically share evergreen content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase social engagement and reach.

Content Resharer Pro also allows you to set custom rotating messages so you can add that extra bit of personality to your shares.

Increase Traffic

Set it and forget it. Content Resharer Pro can share posts while you sleep, allowing you to stay top of mind at all hours.

Save Time

Never manually reshare your evergreen content again. Content Resharer Pro will automatically share your old posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Auto-Promote Content

Direct visitors to specific pages such as special promotions or your best content.

Create, Don't Promote

Spend your valuable time creating great content not spending hours on social media.

Here's what one of our blogging customers had to say...

“Ideal for my blog which holds over 500 posts over the years!¬†Awesome plugin for generating traffic. Great service too”

Content Resharer Pro eliminates the need to hire someone to keep your social profiles active

Advanced Features of Content Resharer Pro We Love

Custom Messages

Give your social shares a uniquely custom and human touch every time

Set Reshare Frequency

Reshare content as frequently as you want to ensure maximum exposure

Custom Post Filters

You decide which posts are eligible for resharing and which are excluded

Include Featured Images

Keep you social posts engaging with featured images automatically included

Here's what some of our Marketing customers had to say...

“This developer worked with me until I was satisfied — after a few glitches were fixed by them, everything was great. Very happy & they were helpful quickly!”

“Awesome idea, nicely coded.”

“I love when a plugin is supported by a good quality service assistance like in this case. Useful plugin”

Take advantage of all the advanced features available to you in Content Resharer Pro

Social Integrations

Content Resharer Pro integrates with the most popular social networks




Shorten URLs with Bitly

No need to share the full URL and reduce the potential character count of your posts. WIth Bitly, you can automatically shorten your URLs and even track who clicks on them!

From one of our customers...

“This is a fantastic product, set it up and forget about it and let it do its thing. The one thing that really amazed me was not the actual plugin itself but it was the Customer Service and Support. When I purchased the plugin, it was publishing Articles to Facebook as an Image and a Link to the URL, so the actual post in Facebook was not a Facebook Link, this worked well however i preferred a Link as apposed to an Image so i posted a support request on the support portal and within 6 hours I received a reply and within 24 hours the support team had actually created the feature and pushed it out as an update. I could not believe that within 24 hours they had actually implemented my idea in to the plugin. Anyway, this product is brilliant, you sync your social accounts and create a few custom messages and it does the job and you can forget about it once you set it up. Highly recommended. Its not the same as publishing articles to social media after they are created, it posts articles that are older which increases traffic to your site by always keeping your articles fresh in peoples mind”


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All Access Pass

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If the product does not work as advertised and we cannot fix it within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your purchase. Period.

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